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Expert Certification Training Course

The Bill com Expert Certification course provides an in-depth exploration of’s advanced features, including innovative functions for payables and receivables, document management, and syncing with popular accounting systems. You also learn how to customize your clients’ business processes to help them gain efficiency in their practice.

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Guru Certification Training Course

Guru Certification qualifies you to re-engineer accounting firm processes to deliver higher levels of service more profitably. In this course you create and prepare to implement a business plan for growing your practice, operating more strategically and developing new revenue streams -- all without adding staff. You emerge as a true Guru, ready to master a more profitable cloud-based financial services solution.

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Become a Expert Today!

We don’t take you to the leading edge just to leave you there by yourself. Our advanced online certification courses elevate your expertise to even higher levels.

The Expert Certification online course provides an in-depth exploration of's advanced features and functions. In the course, you will learn how to:

  • Create custom user roles to set permission levels for access
  • Set up payment processing and manage exceptions in your A/P processing
  • Customize your A/R process for optimizing collections and documentation
  • Differentiate the sync options for different accounting packages 
  • Optimize your use of to enhance your client's workflow processes

Successfully complete the course to achieve Expert Certification status and earn your own Expert Badge to promote your new level of mastery.

Become a Authority through our Guru Training

Take your training even farther with Guru Certification. The Guru Certification course qualifies you to re-engineer accounting firm processes for greater efficiency and profitability. The course explores how to build a highly profitable bookkeeping practice. Guru Certifcation equips you to use cloud-based technologies to take action anytime, anywhere. Guru course topics include:

  • Optimizing workflow best practices
  • Successful implementations and client workflow designs
  • Measuring ROI of implementations
  • Pricing strategies based on clients’ unique workflow
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