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"Now that businesses expect to be mobile, we know there are a lot of companies that want to find a way to get rid of sending paper bills around for approvals and easily access their documents and invoices online. At Harshman Phillips, we have mastered the use of cloud based technology and are happy to offer clients a turnkey solution using"
- Bruce Phillips, Harshman Phillips & Company LLC

In an increasingly competitive environment, accounting firms are looking for creative ways to address the challenges of business growth and client retention. Offer your clients your own advanced client service solution branded with your logo, delivered through your website, powered by

Differentiate your firm with client benefits like these:

  • Precision control over their cash flow
  • Collect their receivables 2-3 times faster
  • Eliminate the hassles of paying their bills
  • Streamline document management
  • Syncs with all major accounting software and all banks
  • Enterprise level security, just like your bank
  • Eliminate fraud and errors


Manage all your clients from one screen:

  • View and manage all cash flow, AR and AP processes and data
  • Provide uncanny insights and sage advice based on more in-depth knowledge of each client’s business
  • Serve clients anywhere in the U.S. without leaving your office
  • Secure, controlled access by managing client and staff roles


Boost your visibility with clients:

  • Promotes you to a more central role in their day-to-day business
  • Clients see your logo on a business tool they use every day
  • Raises your perception as a trusted advisor


Increase your revenue and margins by:

  • Serving more clients without growing staff or costs
  • Generating more revenue per client as a virtual CFO
    • Automate bookkeeping and eliminate paperwork to free your time
    • Shift your focus to higher-level services you can charge more for


Certify your expertise in cloud-based finance management:

  • Our full range of support, guidance and personal training smoothes the path for you and your clients.
  • Achieve Expert and Guru Certification by taking our in-depth online learning programs
  • Proudly display your Expert and Guru badges on your web site or blog
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