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" has allowed our clients and our firm to save an incredible amount of time, improve internal controls, and almost instantly create the paperless work environment we have been working so hard to achieve.”
- Jennifer L. Katrulya, CPA, CEO
Business Management Resource Group, LLC

Your continuing success depends on staying ahead of the technology curve and delivering new services that work well with your clients’ systems and processes. You want to be recognized for your expertise in the latest cloud technologies.

Offer your clients your own leading-edge online client service solution, powered by, branded with your logo, delivered through your website

  • The only client service solution that works with all major accounting software and online banking
  • Eliminates paperwork and streamlines AP, AR and cash flow management for you and your clients
  • Fits the way you work, and tailors to each client

Differentiate your firm with client benefits like these:

  • Collect their receivables 2-3 times faster
  • Streamline document management
  • Offer enterprise level security, just like your bank
  • Eliminate fraud and errors
  • Access data anywhere, anytime

Boost your visibility with clients:

  • Promotes you to a more central role in their day-to-day business
  • Makes your brand more visible
  • Raises your perception as a trusted advisor

Certify your expertise in cloud-based finance management:

  • Our full range of support, guidance and personal training smoothes the path for you and your clients
  • Achieve Expert and Guru Certification by taking our in-depth online learning programs
  • Proudly display your Expert and Guru badges on your web site or blog
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