Now you can predict and control your cash flow with new precision never possible before. Spreadsheet Icon

No more spreadsheet hassles

Forget about rebuilding that cash flow spreadsheet every week. The cash flow management feature in is far more accurate and powerful – and it’s always up to date, automatically.

Get more control of your cash flow with

Projects receivables, payables & balances 3 months out

From now on, your future inflows, outflows and balances are always ready to view in line graph form, projected up to three months out. But you’re getting much more than a line graph.

Run your business smarter with Calendar Icon Cash Forecast Icon

Reveals potential problems well in advance

It lets you see potential problems up to 12 weeks ahead. You can select any segment of the graph – a trouble spot for example – to view itemized payables and receivables for that period.

Protect yourself against fraud

Rapidly visualizes alternatives to reveal best plan

The cash flow management feature actually gives you point-and-click power to move your working capital around in time. You can adjust receivable dates based on customer history to keep the projection realistic, and modify payment timings to visualize alternate solutions.

Gain precision control over your cash flow Telescope Icon Scales Icon

Executes your new action plan to maintain cash levels

When your graph looks the way you want it, just click to have transfer cash on the date you select, or push out the date when you'd like us to pay the invoice.

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