Faster Invoice Approvals

Ever missed a discount or got stuck with a late fee because a bill was buried in an approver’s inbox? Ever stayed late hunting for the paperwork you needed in order to figure out if a bill was correct? Or had to hold things up because an approver or payer was out of town? Say hello to – and goodbye to all that. Click here to try with no risk.

At last - online invoice approval automation!

  • Never miss another discount or pay another late fee
  • Automatically routes bills for approval.
  • Paperless – never loses or forgets anything
  • Keeps track of all your due dates
  • Stores contracts with bills for one-click access
  • Pays automatically on the day you schedule
  • Makes any payment with a single click
  • All with access from anywhere, any time
  • Click here to try with no risk.

Now you can automate your accounts payable approval process

Scan, fax or email your paperwork to, and your hassles are no more.  You may find you never even need to look at the hard copies again once you atuomate your accounts payable approval process with - many of our customers tell us just that. makes it faster and easier to find whatever you're looking for online.  It matches up your bills with the right purchase orders, contracts, etc and keeps everything handy for one click access any time from any where.

It records the payment due dates, revises your cash flow projection graph and sends out email notices to the right approvers.  It shows each employee the bills and paperwork they need to see, and never lets them forget when there's a bill to review.

You'll never miss another discount or pay another late fee again, unless you intend to.  And if you ever need to check a contract or look up a detail before you pay, the associated records are never more than a click away.

Finally, prints and mails the checks or pays electronically on the day you set.  You get an email when each payment clears, and your bank account and accounting software update automatically when you sync. 

It's all so easy with online invoice approval automation at

Click here to try with no risk.

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