Three Steps to Grow Your Franchise Operations More Profitably.

1. Control vendor bills.

Never again pay for goods or services you haven’t received – and never pay the same bill twice – because now every manager can easily check every bill against the relevant receipts and contracts. Plus, you get instant visibility into any store via your smartphone or laptop.

2. Cut back office expenses. eliminates hours of manual data entry and virtually all your payables paperwork. Handle each bill, receipt or contract only once – when you send it to And forget about filing bills and contracts – or searching through file drawers to find them – because now everything’s at your fingertips online.

3. Add more stores with fewer staff.

Tasks that used to eat up weeks every month will now finish in just minutes a day with Which means your current staff can spend time much more productively – doing things like helping you get ready to open more stores.

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We’ve done it for other franchise operators, and we can do it for you.

Simply scan, fax or email all your bills, contracts, shipping receipts, etc. to the day you receive them. Instantly, electronically routes all bills to your store managers for review. Your store managers quickly compare the bills against contracts and receipts with one click, you check off from a list the approved bills you want paid, and you’re done. It’s really that simple!

Ideal whether you have one store or twenty-one.

The more stores you run, the more time, money and hassles you save, because makes it as simple and fast to handle the bills for three stores as one – and as easy to handle thirty stores as three.

Eliminate your bill payment hassles and grow faster.

Got multiple remote managers sending weekly envelopes full of bills to your corporate office? Consuming dozens?? of employee hours each month to key in vendor and bill data, track down approvers, print and mail checks? eliminates all these hassles and more – and saves many franchise operators tens of thousands of dollars every year.

  • Paperless – never loses or forgets anything
  • Contracts stored online with bills for one-click access
  • No more searching for contracts
  • No more paying for items that weren’t received
  • Keeps track of all your due dates
  • Pays each bill automatically on the day you schedule
  • No more paying the same bill twice
  • No more missing out on early payment discounts
  • Built-in error protection and guards against fraud

Got receivables? Rake them in 2-3 times faster. mails invoices for you via email or the Post Office, reminds your customers when payment is due, and follows up when payments are overdue with automatic messages you can customize and schedule.

All with access from anywhere, anytime.

Keeps you closer than ever to your business, no matter how far your travel, because is as mobile as you are. So you can look up a contract, approve a payment, anticipate your cash needs and more, whenever it’s convenient, from anywhere you happen to be. sets you free!

Syncs with your accounting system. updates your accounting system and online bank account automatically. Syncs with QuickBooks, Intacct, NetSuite, Sage50 and all banks. Imports/exports to all other accounting software.

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