Today marks the announcement of our investment in, a provider of integrated bill payment, invoicing and cash flow management solutions for small businesses. There are certain characteristics we look for in an investment and proved to be a perfect fit for ScaleVP. Here is what gets me excited about this deal:

1) The need for the product

I was CEO of a start-up. The job I hated most was the job I had to do the most, especially when times were tough, juggling cash to stay alive. I would sit there at night, trying to figure out when cash would come in and what bills I could afford to pay. “If those guys pay me Friday, I can cover wages and three vendor invoices, if they push until Tuesday, I can only cover wages and one vendor. What should I do?” I would work with my CFO, write notes, make contingency plans, and then have it all upset when I had to pay an unexpected bill at the last minute.

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