Press Details Launches New Customer Service Offerings
Monday, March 12, 2012

PALO ALTO, CALIF. -, the leader in integrated bill payment, invoicing and cash management solutions for businesses, today expanded its already robust customer service support options, further enhancing its award-winning user experience. customer support now includes extended live chat hours, the ability for customers to search an index of troubleshooting questions and subscribe to updated answers, and receive anytime access to account support history. With the additions, customers will enjoy an even more personalized and efficient approach to customer service that keeps them up and running on the system without a hitch.

"We value customer input that enables us to make our product, service and company better every single day," said René Lacerte, CEO of "In the same way that our solution enables seamless collaboration, we as a company are making information and assistance more accessible than ever for our most important payee: our customers.'s new customer service offerings are an integral part of our mission in helping business owners stay efficient and productive." customer service team leverages constant feedback from its user base to make continual improvements to its ability to work more seamlessly with customers. The support team's popular and always-responsive live chat function will now be available to customers for an additional 14 hours per week, including from 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. PT on weekdays and from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. PT on Saturdays. The team is also updating critical, need-to-know information on a daily basis, empowering users to find answers and solve problems anytime day or night. customers can share or print help topics and also "subscribe" to a topic to be notified of future updates. Further, customers can view their support history, where all previous conversations with will be stored for future reference. Since representatives have access to this same history, communication between and its customers is more clear, and information retrieval is instant.

"We have always been passionate about customer service, but over the past year, made support a huge priority to fuel our business growth," said Kathleen Long, Vice President of Customers. "Now our customers are receiving unprecedented levels of service with these additional support offerings. We thrive on user feedback to continually improve our system and make it easier than ever for businesses to manage their cash flow, pay bills and get paid."

In 2011, Long implemented "Project Follow Up" to resolve customer troubleshooting issues and improve response time by assigning specific case owners to each inquiry. The engineering team worked in tandem to develop a ticketing response system based on inquiry severity, and as a result, customers are updated on their inquiry status and engineers respond to the team timely with the correct information for a solution. "When asked, 'Have we resolved or made a plan to resolve your issue today?', 93 percent of customers now say 'yes'," said Long.

The customer feedback loop has also been essential in properly addressing customer needs. All recommendations and requests are logged and reviewed on a weekly basis, and surveys are given annually and at the end of every interaction. More than 500 survey responses are collected monthly to stimulate process changes. The team also schedules monthly lunches with customers and seeks their insights on an advisory council. In just nine months, experienced an 8-point increase in its Net Promoter Score, a customer loyalty metric, and has now surpassed companies like American Express and Google.

Understanding the frustration users feel when learning a new system, created a "New Customer Success" team that walks users through account setup with printed guides, proactive emails and web meetings. It has been a smash hit on all fronts. Ninety percent of customers offered this service move past the initial trial into active use, and 98 percent of customers report satisfaction with the team’s process and assistance.

"Oracle's RightNow CX suite works especially well for companies like because we share a philosophy centered on creating a holistic and complete end-to-end service experience that empowers and delights customers," Anthony Lye, SVP of Oracle CRM. "We are especially excited about collaborating with to offer an enterprise level toolset that incorporates responsive and intelligent support to their fast-growing cloud customer base."'s stellar customer service is one of its main competitive differentiators. Customers often call, email, or chat to simply share that's customer service support is the best they've ever experienced. With continued momentum behind's customer support program, user satisfaction is the highest to date.

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