Accept Credit Cards with Low Transaction Fees

Offer Flexibility of Accepting Credit Cards at a Low Cost

Business to consumer companies leverage credit cards on a daily basis to get paid easier. However, because of various factors, businesses typically still use paper checks to pay other businesses. With, those obstacles are lifted, and you can now offer the convenience of accepting credit cards to get paid faster.

Cloud Storage and Remittance Information

One of the roadblocks that prevent businesses from using electronic payments is the need for remittance information. Businesses typically have invoices, contracts, and other supporting documents that need to be referenced to ensure payments are recorded correctly. allows users unlimited storage in our secure cloud, and every invoice that is paid has the relevant documents attached. The entire audit trail can be accessed with a single click.

Payment Gateway for Customers

To ensure your customers have an easy way to pay, offers a branded payment portal for your customers as a payment gateway to accept credit card payments, ACH, or PayPal. This payment portal allows them to view the invoice electronically, as well as any supporting documents attached to the bill. In addition, the portal offers a messaging system that allows the vendor and customer to exchange notes to better facilitate collaboration. 

Merchant Fee Rates

A business using can take advantage of level 3 processing rates for all credit card payments, which decreases the typical fees associated with accepting credit cards.

Other Features

Along with offering a payment gateway to accept credit card payments, ACH, or PayPal, also provides businesses with additional efficiency by automating your accounts payable and accounts receivable processes. With the accounts receivable automation solution, you can create recurring invoices, automate payment reminders and overdue notices, support direct debit of customers' accounts, and more to help you get paid on time. The accounts payable solution helps you streamline the bill payment process, routing bills in your company through the cloud for approval from anytime, anywhere, and paying your bills electronically to avoid signing, stamping, and addressing stacks of checks and envelopes.

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