Strengthen customer relationships and create new revenue streams

Now your business customers can make all their payments in one place—your bank. Connect is the business payments platform your customers will love.

A single, scalable platform

Designed for small and
medium businesses

Seamless integration

Strengthen business customer relationships.

Your online banking becomes a payment destination as business customers log in mutiple times per day to manage their end-to-end payment processes. With an average of 5 users per organization, Connect offered through your bank becomes an integral part of your customers’ day-to-day financial operations.

Move customers to electronic payments.

Help your customers transition from check to electronic payments with access to the largest business payment network—with millions of members and growing.

Percentage of total payments made via ACH after enrollment.

(Source: user data)

Traditional online bill pay falls short because only a fraction of business bill payments are made to major billers, and all other payees are ineligible to receive electronic payments.

The Network connects businesses with their customers and vendors, enabling them to pay bills and get paid electronically.

  • When users sync their accounting software with Connect, their vendor and customer contacts are scanned to identify those already in the network.
  • Similar to successful social networks, we use in-product prompts to highlight potential matches.
  • Connecting to existing and new networks members is easy—invitations are sent with simple steps to input payment information into our secure portal.  Data in transit is encrypted with Transport Layer Security (TLS).

As the network grows, it becomes even easier to connect with other businesses.

Increase monthly revenue.

Small and medium businesses will pay for services that save time and help them run their organizations. Connect gives you a new revenue stream while enhancing your customer relationships.


Average monthly revenue for premium features.

(Source: user data) Connect can help you turn a cost center (online bill pay) into a revenue generator.

We deliver a single platform with basic and premium functionality, so your bank can serve all your SMB clients with a seamless upgrade path as their needs grow and change.

The entry-level solution solves basic payment needs while eliminating paper and helping businesses easily convert to electronic payments.

Premium features are available for businesses ready to automate their end-to-end payment processes with approval workflows and accounting software integration.

Keep up with customer needs. Connect is built with 10+ years of SMB and bank partner input and feedback, and ongoing user testing and development that continues today. Our integration approach ensures your bank and your small and medium business customers always get the latest and greatest UX design and product feature innovations with minimal development effort required by your bank.

How we stack up. Connect revolutionizes small and medium business payments. The platform is robust, yet easy-to-use, with tools for managing the entire payments workflow, unlike traditional bill pay, which just doesn't stack up. Want to know more? Check out the expanded list of features and tiered configuration.

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Pay any vendor
Pay any vendor via ACH
Receive payments via ACH or credit card
Email invoices
Receive, store, and share documents electronically
Control access with user roles and permissions
Automate approval workflows
Built-in fraud protection
2-way sync with accounting software

A proven solution.

White label with SSO


Security and compliance

A partner in your success

Discover what your bank can do for small and medium business customers.

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