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PayPal offers its users convenience when it comes to money transactions. By linking your PayPal account, you can leverage all the features of that are necessary as part of business payment transactions, while maintaining the ease of use PayPal offers that consumers are typically accustomed to.

Most importantly, the cost for is transactions based. Using PayPal to get paid will cost a vendor 2-3%. For a typical $10,000 invoice, that will cost you $300 to accept that transaction. Using as your actual payment platform allows you circumvent the large merchant fee by paying a flat $0.99 transaction fee.

Accept PayPal Payments offers a payment gateway for your customers that give businesses the flexibility to accept payments through direct debit, credit card, or PayPal. Offering PayPal can be a great options for customers who already heavily utilize PayPal as their primary means to transfer money.

This integration between and PayPal allows you to take advantage of the myriad of Accounts Receivable automation features that come with, such as recurring invoicing and payment reminders, while providing your customers with the flexibility to pay with PayPal.

Pay Bills with PayPal

Paying bills with PayPal is just as easy. Once an invoice is in the system, it's a few simple clicks to pay directly from your PayPal account. The money is transferred via ACH, which means your payment will be low cost ($0.99 per transaction) and arrive in your vendor's account as fast as a typical PayPal payment.

Best of all, you can pay through PayPal within the application. Using the Accounts Payable automation solution, you can easily access the invoice, review all of the supporting documentation, route the bill for approval, and schedule it for payment without logging into another system.

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