3 Key Points That Will Help You Win New Accounting Clients

3 Key Points That Will Help You Win New Accounting Clients

In my first month working at, I was fortunate enough to attend a dinner with many large-firm customers. I was curious about CAS and wondered about advisory services. What kind of advice are the accountants giving? How is this different from the advice good accountants have been giving for decades? 

One firm talked about their specialization in dental offices. I learned of their new client, a dentist, whose office was only one-third as profitable as the majority of the other dental clients. This firm had the knowledge of how other dental clients structured their practice (e.g. how many dental assistants per doctor) and once the dentist was moved onto the cloud software stack, the firm had great visibility into their business metrics and could then compare them to the rest of their clients.  

The result? The advice the firm gave based on their expertise in this niche helped this new client make massive increases in his profits. This was a huge aha for me: Technology + Focused Expertise = Client Results

I then wondered: can the benefits to the clients from outsourcing be quantified? And so we embarked upon fielding a research study among 1,700 small and medium-sized businesses to capture the results of their decisions to outsource part or all of their accounting.  

The outcome was exciting.  

There were strong ROI implications of outsourcing.  Accountant advice resulted in increases in key metrics vs. those who don’t outsource.

  • 75 percent more likely to have advice that increased profit
  • 76 percent more likely to have advice that increased revenue
  • 66 percent more likely to have advice that gained investors
  • 2.4x more likely to have advice that resulted in opening new locations

The clients also experienced great soft ROI in terms of ability to focus on their business and not to worry about their books.

  • 80 percent said outsourcing accounting gives them more time to focus on the business
  • 68 percent said accounting is easier and more efficient
  • 53 percent say they have less worry about mistakes

So, the three key points to make when selling in your advisory services are Focused Expertise,
Greater Control, and Results. And you can use our research data and your own case studies to back it up.

Focused Expertise

Show your vertical focus and your particular expertise. Explain how your knowledge of their industry will allow you to provide deeper insights and better advice. Share some case studies to illustrate. 

Greater Control

Some clients may worry that they need to keep a hands-on approach, and may even be worried about eliminating paper from their workflows. But show them how your cloud based process will give them better visibility to their financial position, that they can eliminate the errors associated with double data entry, that they have final decisions on payments, and that there is a rock-solid audit trail. For instance,’s mobile app allows clients to pay bills at the click of a button from wherever they are. Bottom line: their control will actually be greater.


Outsourcing accounting to experts who know your industry and can offer the best technology platforms, will open up time in your day, and take worry off your mind. Share examples of real ROI or stories of transformation from your client base.

And share our research results: our numbers prove that outsourced accounting in an advisory model leads to higher profits and revenues for a large percentage of clients.  

Download our research report here. You’ll find a number of metrics that will help you prove the value of Client Advisory Services.  

And if you would like a risk-free trial of to see how we empower the control and visibility you need to serve your clients, you can start right away here or request a demo.   

You can learn about all the benefits of our Accountant Partner Program, including wholesales discounts, dedicated account managers, and a rich library of marketing, sales and training materials in our Accountant Resource Center. Learn more here.


October 29, 2018
Jane Willis
VP of Marketing, Accountant Channel,
Jane is a strategic marketing executive with a proven track record of driving business growth and solving difficult business and marketing challenges. She’s launched over 100 products worth billions in revenue, developed a lean methodology for driving marketing strategy and converted it into a training cirriculum, and is a mentor and advisor to small businesses and marketing leaders. Jane also holds a BA in Political Science from the University of California Berkeley.