3 Simple Ways Accountants Improved their Lives

We love hearing from our customers.  Thanks to everyone that wrote to us and shared stories about how changed their lives with magically simple business payments.  A smooth and efficient workflow makes everyone happier at work and makes life more enjoyable. is Magical because...   

“It allows me the freedom to do other things than Pay Bills!

We like to travel. Using allows me to work anywhere, anytime, anyplace! You'll find me on the LIDO deck processing the bills for all my clients while on the 7 cruises we took this year!” - Debra is Magical because...   

“With the click of a button I can see who approved, when they approved

There have been multiple times a vendor will call claiming they haven't been paid.

I love being able to give them check numbers, when it was sent, and when (and if) the check was cleared.” - Janay is Magical because...   

“Our use to keep track of their past purchases history with our company, rather than calling us and asking about a payment or an invoice.” - Peter

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Leah Rappaport
Marketing Group,
Leah works in the marketing group at where she manages Insiders - our VIP customer community and our customer advocacy program. Leah also oversees webinars and customer communication on product updates and events. She holds a BA in art history from Scripps College.