3 Stories To Improve an Accountant’s Workplace Happiness

At, we strive to create magically simple business payments.  Recently, we heard from customers about how has created magic in their lives by helping them be more efficient and happier at work. is Magical because...

“My boss approves bills from anywhere without having to walk into the office!

I have been a Bill.Com user for many years with a CPA Firm. I left to work in private industry and have gotten my new company set up on, in only 2 hours!!! I have missed it!! So glad to be able to use it again.”  - Jill is Magical because...


“It saves me so much time


We have 16 different QuickBooks files for each one of our companies and opening each file is very time consuming. Simply logging into to check on the status of invoices is a lot more convenient.” -  Deena is Magical because...   

“With, we don't need to be in the office finding papers, we can work anywhere and quickly

I can access vendor information from anywhere and I don't have to dig through stacks of paper files.  No more tracking down lost checks which are subject to fraud, because we use ePayment.  My clients are fast growth companies and we sometimes need to process items quickly --- 24/7. “ - Tina

Thanks to our customers for sending us these great stories about how magically simple business changed their lives.  If you’re not already using, discover a new world of magic with our risk-free trial.  If you would like to share your stories of using, meet other customers, and have fun, please join our Insiders VIP customer community.


Leah Rappaport
Marketing Group,
Leah works in the marketing group at where she manages Insiders - our VIP customer community and our customer advocacy program. Leah also oversees webinars and customer communication on product updates and events. She holds a BA in art history from Scripps College.