3 Tough Questions Every Banker is Facing – Asked and Answered at Money20/20

3 Tough Questions Every Banker is Facing – Asked and Answered at Money20/20

The evolution in banking and payments is unprecedented. With the advent of faster and real-time payments; digital transactions; mobile banking; APIs and AI to facilitate banking automation; and more, the changes we are witnessing today are truly revolutionary.

As a banker, these changes can spawn a host of questions for you – How do these changes impact my institution? What opportunities now exist that weren’t previously available? How are my competitors capitalizing? 

These changes also create a number of tough questions that you have to grapple with – Where will banks be in 10, 15 years with recent advancements? How do banks remain competitive in an environment with so many new entrants? These are just a few, but as a banker competing in today’s market, the list is much longer.

One of the favorite annual events of the Bank Team is Money20/20. It is the one event where the tough questions for bankers are raised and answered. And by the looks of this year’s lineup, the 2019 event will be no different. So, here’s a look at some of the provocative questions impacting bankers that will be asked and debated at Money20/20.

1. How is consumer technology transforming the business experience? – Today, the consumer experience shapes the product journey. In fact, 80 percent of customers say that the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services. Leaders from Amazon, eBay and Stripe all address this trend through different lenses in Money20/20 main stage sessions, but how that transformation extends to business payments is another matter entirely.

That’s where Bora Chang,’s Senior Vice President of Product, steps in. Joined by executives from Wells Fargo and MasterCard, Chang explores how consumer expectations are shaping business technology builds and what financial institutions need to be considering as they evolve commercial banking and treasury management offerings. The session, “From Siri to CX: Designing for the Human in Business,” offers food for thought as banks continue to explore ways to create a seamless transition between consumer and business digital environments.

2. Are banks losing the battle over data ownership? As consumer experience dominates, we see the continued trend of tech giants throwing their hats in the payments ring, and the questions of who owns the data, who has access to it, how to protect it, and who is benefitting from it continue. Will banks win the ultimate battle? Hear from BBVA Group Executive Chairman, one of the leading and most innovative figures in banking, in a main stage session where he discusses BBVA’s strategy to build the banking model of the future. See if you are using your customer data in effective ways, and if not, how you can leverage it differently to advance business goals.

3. When will banks start leveraging AI outside of internal process improvements to support external customer needs? While it is known that banks have increased investments in AI and have incorporated it into their infrastructure, the bulk of these advancements have gone to support internally facing procedures, like fraud monitoring. Businesses now want to know when those investments will be used to support their banking needs.

Hear from’s very own CEO, René Lacerte; Dean Henry, EVP at American Express, and Stephen Markwell Head of Treasury at JPMorgan Chase on the impact of AI and automation on business back office functions and how they can change the role of the bank and the services offered to business customers. Maybe you can walk away with that key piece of information on how you can leverage your existing investments to meet customer needs.

In an environment with so much change and opportunity, it can be difficult for bankers to determine how best to navigate the waters. The Bank Team is here to serve as your trusted partner to ensure you understand the opportunities and solutions to help you meet the needs of your customers.  

If you’d like to schedule a time to meet with us on site, fill out the form here. We look forward to meeting with you as we tackle the tough questions together. 

In the meantime, here’s to exploring the industry and its evolution at Money20/20… and sneaking in a little fun (Industry Night, anyone?) in the process! 



September 10, 2019
Randy Von Feldt