41% of US Accountants Will Move to Cloud-based Payment in Next 6 Months

New survey results show US firms rapidly moving to cloud-based accounting technology. Although 73% of accountants are still using paper-based payment, more than 50% of the accountants surveyed support the idea of moving to electronic payments.  In the next six months, 41% of respondents intend to adopt a cloud-based payment solution.

One of the drivers for the move to electronic payment is security, with 45% of respondents expressing concern over the fraud potential of paper-based payments.

Accountant survey highlights:

  • 52% expect greater efficiency after moving to electronic payments  
  • 20% feel they will be more organized
  • 73% print checks with a computer
  • 37% write checks by hand
  • 30% had a client victimized by fraud related to older pay payment processes

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About the Survey

The survey, conducted in May and sponsored by, includes responses from 540 accounting and bookkeeping professionals handling bill payments from solo practitioners to firms with 31+ employees. Respondents included members of the CPA Academy, Insightful Accountant (formerly Intuitive Accountant), and The Sleeter Group.

Tanya Roberts
VP of Corporate Marketing,
Tanya is a marketing visionary seasoned in establishing strong corporate brands and growth. Prior to, she served as SVP of Marketing for GreenRoad, acting VP of Marketing for Drivewyze, and held executive roles at Intuit, SugarSync and PayCycle. Tanya holds a bachelor of science degree from University of Denver.