5 Magical Stories Where Accountants Enjoy a Happy Ending

March 12, 2015

Each month, we hear stories of accountants and bookkeepers who have gone about their jobs for years until one day their view of work suddenly changed for the better.  In all cases, a lightbulb goes off and the person suddenly sees a better way to do their job.  It’s a magical moment, a rethinking of processes.  Here are five stories of people improving their lives with is Magical because...    

“It allows me to work virtually

I have a client I rarely see, but our bookkeeping method using makes it effortless. He scans, I input, and everything is kept where we need it. I LOVE the search feature. So easy to find invoices and amounts whenever there is a question. Forget the file cabinet!” - Patrice is Magical because...    

It makes the entire payable system so smooth!

Story: We transferred a client over to using to manage all of their payables,

and it has changed the transparency with the client to being completely clear.

They love being so hands on with all of their information.” - Dan is Magical because...    

It helped me convert a formerly paper-heavy, error-prone client into a company where misposted and missing transactions are rare

Our client bought a high-speed scanner (only bed scanner formerly) and they actually USE their shredder now.  The bookkeeper (and the two owners) love their web-based and QBO platforms rather than their old single-computer single-user Peachtree desktop software. is a collaborative platform, easy to learn, and the sync with QBO excellent.”

- Gary is Magical because...    

It pays my vendors with one click of a button!” - Maggie is Magical because...    

Makes paying invoices as easy as snapping your fingers!

Allowed us to become a completely virtual organization.” - CEK

Thanks to our customers for sending us these great stories about how magically simple business changed their lives.  If you’re not already using, discover a new world of magic with our risk-free trial.

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