5 Must-See Things at Accountex 2017

Accountex 2017

Summer lovin’ has officially ended. It’s time to put down the piña colada, kick off your flip flops, and get back to business. Or in our case—events season.

First up? Accountex 2017.

We here at believe in the Accountex mission—to build a community where accounting professionals and solution providers can come together to learn, explore, and connect. Which is why we’re hitching a ride to Boston next week to be a part of this awesome event.

Believe us, the future of accounting technology starts here.

The 5 Must-See Things at Accountex 2017

1. Panel: Evolution of the Accounting Technology Ecosystem

When: Wednesday, September 6 from 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM ET

Why: With close to 800 solutions in the Accounting Technology Ecosystem, we’ve got to ask—what new types of technology are on the horizon? Join fan favorites Xero, Hubdoc, AccountingSuite, Receipt Bank, TSheets, Sage, and as they talk trends, apps, and the new automation technologies that are truly game-changing.

2. The Path to Creating Work-Life Harmony

When: Thursday, September 7 from 7:30 AM - 8:15 AM ET

Why: Does the term “work-life balance” stress you out? Trust Amy Vetter of Xero—in the technology age, we not only need to actively adjust in our jobs but put forth the same effort into living a more harmonious, purposeful life. Enter: Work-life harmony. A “radical” new trend that will show us how to reclaim the time that technology gives us back. Listen to Amy and become your authentic business self!

3. Keynote: Ten Exciting Trends Impacting Your Business Right Now

When: Thursday, September 7 from 10:30 AM-11:30 AM ET

Why: This business-keynote-meets-one-woman-comedy-show is a can’t-miss, must-see event! In this session, Randi Zuckerberg does a deep dive into the latest, greatest, most exciting trends in technology, business, and entrepreneurship. She’ll tackle those pesky digital challenges and help us make the most out of the exciting, wired world we live in.

4. Keynote: Daymond John’s 5 Shark Points: Fundamentals for Success in Business and Life

When: Friday, September 8 from 11:00 AM-12:00 PM ET

Why: Two words: Shark Tank. In this session, our resident shark, Daymond John, will talk the successes and failures of his entrepreneurial journey. It’s no secret that John knows a thing or two about business, and he’s willing to share his top secrets—the five “S.H.A.R.K points.” It’s time to get ready! After this session, you’ll be empowered to make positive changes in every aspect of your life.

5. Exhibit Hall: The Booth 516

When: Thursday, September 07 from 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM, Friday, September 8 from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM ET

Why: Because we want to connect with you! Come by the Booth, speak to our knowledgeable staff, and score some sweet, sweet swag.

Join us next week in Boston for Accountex 2017. will see you there!

August 30, 2017
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