Be Efficient like the Rebel Alliance

Star Wars

There are few undisputed truths in the Star Wars universe:

1. Han shot first
2. Jar Jar is the absolute worst
3. The Rebel Alliance is the s**t

I know what you’re thinking Greedo enthusiasts, and you need to calm down. This holiest of days is not about you! It’s about the cultural phenomenon of our favorite universe. And your opinions need to take a back-seat. You’re not J.J. “I do what I want” Abrams who threw decades of expanded universe canon out the window. You’re a private citizen, a fan if you will, and this day is about your undying love for a fictional, fantasy world.

Which is why we need to talk about number 3. The total badassery of the Rebel Alliance.

The Rebel Alliance is the core of the Star Wars universe. Sure, they’re rebels. But they have a pretty efficient business model. How else could they defeat Palpatine and the Empire?

Efficiency is key when it comes to managing a rebellion—or a company. Wasted time, effort, and money do nothing but erode your bottom line, and you can’t liberate the galaxy when your processes are broken.

Automate like Admiral Ackbar

“It’s a trap!” One of the best lines to come out of the franchise, and one you should never utter at a board meeting. Admiral Ackbar was the military commander of the Rebel Alliance and led an (eventually) successful space battle. But even though he’s the absolute best, he couldn’t have done it alone. And neither can you.

Running a small business is a constant challenge—it’s difficult to get everything done and almost seems impossible at times. According to Entrepreneur, as much as 70 to 80 percent of most work days are spent on time-sucking tasks, instead of focusing on high-level strategy. With stats like that, it is easy to see why automation is needed. Streamlining your back-office will save you time, money, and give you the ability to destroy the Death Star II—or, you know, make a profit.

Go Mobile like Leia Organa

Leia was all about that anytime, anywhere work-style. Alderaan, the Death Star, Yavin IV—she just couldn’t stay put. And who could blame her when she was solely entrusted with the stolen plans to the Death Star? Girl went above and beyond the job description.

And if Princess Leia couldn’t do her job without mobile, neither can you. Going on a trip to Milan? Have a plumbing emergency that keeps you housebound? Battling an evil empire on Endor? It sure would be nice to keep your business running on the go. Enter mobile-friendly technology. You’ll be able to operate your business on any device, and no longer be bound by location. Mobile is the epitome of convenience, and with today’s trends, it’s the way of the future.

Enlist Security like Mon Mothma

Mon Mothma: Our fearless leader. She planted the seeds of the rebellion while she was still “technically” working for the Imperial Senate. And as someone who led the Alliance through the Galactic Civil War, she was rightfully concerned with security.

And you should be too. Efficient businesses need a risk management plan in place in order to manage security threats. Your customers are looking for new-age technology that keeps their information safe. Ever heard of phishing? Denial of Service attacks? Malware? They have. And If you don’t have a strategy in place, how do you expect them to trust in you and your product? If you enlist the proper security parameters, you know your foundation is secure.

Be efficient like the Rebel Alliance, and May the 4th Be With You!

May 4, 2017
Kate Wilson
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