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September 23, 2014

The philosophy that powers the Accounting Console is to enable accountants to get immediate information when they need it without wasting time thinking about how to find the information they need.   We strive to make accountants' lives easier and improve the efficiency of their businesses by delivering immediate benefits.

Based on a secure cloud platform, the Accounting Console gives accounting practitioners a unique and easy-to-use tool to brand firms, improve client communications and grow business.  It acts as a “client central” hub, where you identify who your clients are, which accounting services you offer them, how you want to bill them and how you want to market to existing clients and prospects. The technology is easy to use with immediately recognizable benefits. 

Built-In Marketing Opportunities  

Accounting firms, with practitioners focused on satisfying stringent regulations and deadlines as well as developing plans for their clients’ business growth, can sometimes struggle with projecting their firm’s values and priorities through marketing endeavors. 

The Accounting Console provides immediate, out-of-the box opportunities to easily brand firms. It allows you to brand your clients’ experience by uploading your firm’s logo and creating customizable, firm-centric URLs. You can also get trained as a certified expert through the Accounting Console.

When completed, you’ll earn recognition as a certified expert along with a logo add to your website, blog or other marketing materials.  

Finally, when you complete your Accounting Console profile, you are eligible to be listed in the Accountant Directory – a valuable source of information for potential clients researching accounting services and providers. The more complete your listing is, the greater priority you’ll get when businesses are searching the directory.

Not bad for just a few, quick clicks! 


Cloud-Based Communications and Document Management

When you add clients to through the Accounting Console, you are creating a comprehensive, online repository for bills, receipts and important documents as well as a workflow to automate the review and approval of activities. This eliminates the paper shuffle and the need to rush checks for client signatures or approval, hunt through filing cabinets or wait for your client to return to the office to answer questions.  

With all documentation and workflow online, your clients can access any information they need while in the office or on the go and you can spend more time performing your high-value services. 

Grow Your Business 

Don’t limit your scope of services. Through and its Accounting Console, you can handle receivables and payables as well as give your clients a clear, real-time picture of their cash flow.  

The Accounting Console gives you an overview on strategies and examples on how to bring your clients and future clients into your practice with It also chronicles benefits through easily sharable videos and case studies. Finally, it equips you with a handy ROI calculator that allows you to easily show how can save your clients time and money. 

You can also create presentation-ready PowerPoints to share with clients and prospects as well as demos with realistic bills, payments and dates simply by entering some key information. 

Get immediate benefits by visiting the Accounting Console today.


Geraldine Cruz
Senior Director, Product Marketing,
Geri Cruz leads new product launches, go-to-market strategy and execution, and product messaging for Throughout her career in technology, she has been passionate about innovation, growth strategies, and the customer experience. Geri holds a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from Cornell University, and an MBA from The Wharton School.