SUBSCRIBE Engineering Team Launches First-Ever Innovation Week Engineering Team Launches First-Ever Innovation Week

Continuous improvement is a key success factor for the engineering organization at Our team looks for ways to improve the platform and ensure that we refresh our offerings regularly. We also like to have a little fun by engineering some of our own projects and learning new skills to stay intrigued, engaged, and creative.

With this in mind, we recently launched our first-ever Innovation Week. Similar to a hackathon, we wanted to find time to work on projects outside regularly-scheduled sprints so we set aside this week to work on ideas we’ve had on our radar but haven’t yet had the time to tackle. This was about creating space to innovate.

First thing Monday morning (well almost), our team of 70-plus engineers kicked off the week with a brainstorm to decide which projects we would work on. We then split up into more than 20 self-organized teams and set to work on the projects, which included expansive ideas, pet projects and ease-of-use improvements. Everything was an option during Innovation Week. Our teams tackled broad themes like working on new product ideas and integrations, improving functionality and internal efficiency, and bettering customer experiences—while learning new technology along the way.

It was heartening to see how many team members wanted to lead projects, including operational optimization, websockets, reporting, and virtual assistants. Almost everyone had great ideas for improvements across the board. Not only were processes improved, but the week allowed members of our team to step outside of their everyday roles and take leadership roles on different projects.

At the end of the week, all teams presented their work to the entire engineering team. It was a great opportunity for teams to showcase their work and practice their pitching skills. Our panel of judges consisted of product and engineering leaders and everyone was blown away. Ultimately, ten teams received awards in various categories like most immediately impactful, most challenging, and most creative.

Innovation Week is a great example of the workplace culture at Not only did this come about as a result of employee feedback, but it was also an exceptional educational experience for our team. Our focus at is to support and grow our employees, and this week gave us the opportunity to expand their skills, demonstrate their leadership abilities, and explore new technologies and ideas. It was a huge success and we’re already looking forward to the next one.  

January 17, 2019
Dan Hing
VP of Engineering,
Dan is a software development leader with extensive experience building and leading teams that excel in execution, results, and innovation. At, he is responsible for leading engineering teams that simplify AP and AR solutions.