Bulletin: Hubdoc’s Fetching Technology Uses Smart Canines, Not Robots

There’s a lot of discussion about Smart technology, from Smartphones to  Smart Wine. We’re excited that one of our key partners, Hubdoc, is at the forefront of this trend.

We initially partnered with Hubdoc because of their unique ability to automatically fetch your bills and statements. Our partnership enables our customers to benefit from  end-to-end payables automation. Hubdoc handles collection and management of your bills. handles approval and payment, and syncs to your accounting software.

And today, we’re thrilled to share that Hubdoc’s fetch technology is actually a team of well-trained Smart Canines; specifically, golden retrievers. It was not a highly sophisticated team of robots, as previously thought. We always knew dogs were smart, but talk about impressive!

Hubdoc has been at the cutting edge of accounting automation with their “fetching” technology and are now bringing it full circle with their new name:  Hubdog. Congrats Hubdog team on the rebrand! And, here’s to many more years of working together!

A quick reminder on the power of combining and Hubdog:

  • No more chasing down client bills: Hubdog automatically fetches your bills and statements into their secure hub
  • Data management, not data entry: Key data from your bills automatically extracted and complete control of how bills are coded into
  • End-to-end automation for bills: Hubdog handles collection and management of your bills. handles approval and payment, and syncs to your accounting.

Talk about some Smart Canines! To learn more about the rebrand, read this  letter from Jamie Shulman, co-founder of Hubdog.

For more details on the integration, please read this article on  Accounting Automation Bliss.


April 1, 2016
Brown Dog
Culture Evangelist,
Brown has half a decade of experience working with corporate teams to promote workplace culture and strengthen values. Brown started at as a mascot and quickly got promoted by reducing employee stress 12% and connecting groups across the company.