Case Study: How Accountfully Made the Backbone of its AP and AR

Case Study: How Accountfully Made the Backbone of its AP and AR

We always love to hear from our customers about how is helping them grow their business. One such customer is Rebekah Collinsworth, director of marketing and operations at Accountfully, a firm that offers outsourced financial services to creative professional and food entrepreneurs. She recently shared with us how has simplified the firm’s client accounting services.

When it came time for Rebekah to look into recommendations on the best tool for digital business payments, she said that was the unanimous suggestion.

The platform has helped Accountfully with its all-in-one functionality that controls vendor management, bill approval workflow, and the ability to pay bills anywhere as long as an internet connection is available, along with email notifications – all of this while also providing clients with transparency for the approval and payments process.

Since its effortless transition to, Accountfully has seen a significant amount of success and has asked clients to use it too. Charleston Wine + Food, a client of the firm, used to support their five-day food festival and keep track of their financial performance, ensuring records and processes remained accurate. This was a marked improvement from their old accounting processes, which were largely paper-based.

Besides helping Accountfully and its clients simplify bill payments, also provides comprehensive financial statements that have eased Accountfully’s annual financial audits and the process of applying for grants, while also keeping tabs on bank account balances in real-time, by displaying exactly how much cash the organization has remaining when payments are authorized. offers some of the most advanced payment tools for small and medium sized businesses available on the market today. Its efficient and intuitive solutions will help you save time and money in the automated payments process, so you can focus on growing your business and boosting your profitability. Start a 30-day, risk-free trial today to see why is the answer for all your accounts payable software needs.

November 21, 2018
Jane Willis
VP of Marketing, Accountant Channel,
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