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Confessions of a Remote Control CEO

René Lacerte, CEO and Founder

May 30, 2013

Working remotely once meant that you had less control. Decisions were being made without you, documents were often lost or misfiled, transactions stalled or just never happened. Being remote meant you had to leave someone else—someone who may not be the best choice—in charge of mission critical tasks. This is why many CEOs and CFOs, who are still using a manual method to run their office, are afraid to leave. They don’t realize that the cloud has changed everything and that being a "Remote Control" CEO is actually a business advantage. I know because I am a "Remote Control" CEO, and this is my story.

I truly believe that using my mobile device to conduct critical business has made me a better CEO. The fact is, my job takes me out of the office more often than not. But these days it doesn’t matter where I am. If someone needs an invoice paid or a bill approved, I am automatically notified by the system. From my device, I can click through and find all the documents stored that I need to make my crucial decisions. Once I have decided on an action I can complete any needed approvals or transactions in seconds.

I never have to worry about the back up documents getting lost or misplaced in piles of paper or over-stuffed file cabinets. There's a record of communication between me, my staff, and vendors regarding bill storage and transactions. This cuts down on disagreements because I never have to hunt through emails to recreate what really happened, the facts are all there.

Plus, having everything at my fingertips means it’s easy to collaborate wherever I may be, with customers, partners or co-workers who are back at the ranch. Being able to work from my phone makes the collaboration that the cloud promised us not just possible but extremely fruitful. I am able to make important decisions, finalize key contracts, and work effectively with my team no matter what. And I can work quickly and efficiently, even more so than the old days when I was chained behind a desk with stacks of papers. This is what the virtual workforce is really about, not the old idea of having some random people stationed at their homes. It is about being effective and efficient in any location at any time.

And the cloud is more secure than any office file cabinet ever was. Indeed, when we surveyed more than 500 finance executives back in January, 83% said they are quite comfortable with mobile security. Now it really is safe to leave your office.

So, not only am I a “No Check” CEO, I am a “Remote Control” CEO. And I am really proud of the efficiencies and effectiveness that working remotely has brought to my business and my leadership.


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