The Countdown to QuickBooks Connect

The Countdown to QuickBooks Connect

QuickBooks Connect is right around the corner, and the team is excited to connect with you! That also means that the packing-slash-thinking-slash-planning portion of this conference is well underway in your brains. Whether you’re a conference pro or a first-time attendee, here are a few tips and tricks to help you navigate the countdown and make the most out of QuickBooks Connect.

Before the Show

Start Networking Now

The #QBConnect community is already connecting with each other on social and it’s also a great way to get an idea of the vendors who will be there, the community you can connect with and of course, any of those great QBConnect events you want to attend. Be sure to jump into the conversation on Twitter (and say hi to us @Billcom while you’re there.)

Check out the Vendors and Make a List

The expo hall floor is one of the most exciting parts of a conference (and I promise, that’s not just because that’s where you’ll find us). This is where you’ll learn about the technologies that can help the future of your business.

Before you get to the show, make a list of the vendors who are there. (We’ll even help you out. Just put at the top. ;D) Get a feel for what the vendors do, who might help your business and build your list of “Must See Vendors.” That way, you’ll have a gameplan in mind when you hit that busy floor and the call of the swag gets to you.

Note Sessions that Matter to your Goals

Conferences can be overwhelming with the crowds, the content, the swag and everything in between. And that means it can be easy to forget the reasons we wanted to attend. Take a look at the content ahead of time to see what you think is most relevant to your business goals.

And also take note of other informational events going on in the expo hall, like the booth. During expo hours, you can attend additional sessions in our booth on topic including The New Experience, Better Together: + QuickBooks, Doing Business Around the World: Managing International Payments and Essential Tips to Streamline Your AP Workflow: Bill Pay powered by

Pack Prepared

I’m definitely not the person to help you pack light for any travel trip. (I believe in the kitchen sink, plan for everything method.) But for any conference, there are just a few must-haves I would add to your your packing list:

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Layers (the temperature can vary in sessions rooms vs outside vs the expo hall)
  • Your phone charger and a battery pack
  • Chapstick
  • Water bottle
  • Extra space in your suitcase for all the swag you’ll return with

Set your Out-of-office Reply

Now, this one is a no-brainer, I know — but who says it has to be boring? Here are some really creative examples to spice up your email auto-reply.

At the Show

Carve out Time to Walk the Show Floor (and Get All the Swag!)

Remember that list of “Must-See Vendors” you created before the show? Plan the time you want to walk the expo hall floor, see those vendors tops on your list and also to note others that might be of interest to you. And let’s not forget, accounting conferences have some of the BEST swag. So hit the aisles and find the good stuff.

Of course, that includes us. Stop by the booth — we’ve got terrific t-shirts and yes, of course, mop topper pens!

Sit with Someone New at Lunch

Some of the best conversations I’ve had at conferences (both as an attendee and a sponsor) have been when I sat at a table of people I didn’t know and said, “How is the show going for you?” Be bold. Take yourself to a table that isn’t familiar and join. Then don’t be afraid to start a conversation.

Have One Place for All Your Notes

Conferences can be an information overload. And no matter how many times we say, “Oh, I’ll remember that,” after the 28th time, your brain has decided it would rather be binge-watching TV than remember any of those thoughts.

Have one place in mind to keep all of your notes — whether you’re a notebook person or a digital notebook, create your note page and keep it easily accessible so you can write down the things you most want to remember. That way, after the show, it’s all there in one place and easy to find. Put an “A” by something that requires action to give you that visual ability to skim for the must-dos after the show.

After the Show

Select 2 Things to Do First

One of the most exhausting times can be right after a conference. You’ve been informed, energized and excited and now you have to go back to the day job and get caught up. It can be easy to forget all the learning and think you’ll get to it later.

Instead, before you dig into catch-up mode, give yourself 15 minutes to select two things (just two) that you will put into action from what you learned. It can be a simple step, such as “sign up for that trial to improve my AP process” or something that will require more thought, such as “sketch out my next year’s marketing plan.”

But it’s a way to note down the actions you were most inspired to take from the show. From there, you can build steps and a plan to get to where you want to be.

Connect with New Friends

Remember all those people you met? They are on social media somewhere, likely LinkedIn. So don’t forget to look for them and connect. Many of us don’t have business cards anymore, but we have LinkedIn accounts. It’s a great way to take an easy step in continuing to build the relationship you started.

We'll See You There

I love conferences for the energy they create, the relationships I’ve built, the new friends I make each time and for the learning. I also love being a part of a team that is so excited to meet you and hear about your business. In our booth, you’ll find our account management and sales teams, marketing and our amazing customer support team ready to help and answer your questions. Our mini sessions will give you the demo, some tips and tricks on AP workflows and the details on how can help you Own Your Future. So be sure to add us to that Must-See List — we’ll be there waiting.

November 5, 2019
Jeannie Ruesch
Director, Marketing,
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