Direct Sync Between Xero and Now Available


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Our first direct integration between and Xero is now available and we’re stoked!  


  • Direct sync between and Xero (no third party)
  • Improved Contact integration
  • All list objects (Chart of Accounts, Tracking Codes, etc.) are a 2-way sync
  • End-to-end syncing which includes Funds Transfers
  • Vendor Credits are a 2-way sync
  • Bills in Xero now contain a link, which takes you directly to the bill in, in a separate tab
  • Accountants and bookkeepers can now bring unpaid bills from Xero into, approve and pay them, and have them automatically updated in Xero
  • New for Xero users, people can easily reconcile payments made through using Xero's bank reconciliation feature

Existing customers can move from OneSaas to’s new direct sync with Xero for free. We will start upgrading existing customers in September.    It’s an improvement over OneSaas and brings seamless workflow integration between Xero and

New customers need to first create a account and you will automatically be guided to setup the sync with Xero. 

During the signup process, you'll be asked what accounting software you use.  If you select Xero, you will see the screen below.  Make sure you select "Connect to Xero".

Please contact customer service if you have any questions or run into any problems.

The community is vocal about the amazing benefits the sync brings to both Xero and and customers.

"'s new direct sync with Xero brings stability, reliability, and predictability to accountants using Xero," said Scott Scharf co-founder of Catching Clouds a cloud accounting firm specializing in ecommerce businesses and a Xero Partner.  "We recommend to our Xero clients to streamline their accounts payable and approval process."  

"By offering and Xero to businesses, I was able to add hundreds of new accounting clients in just a few years," said Blake Oliver, Director of Technology and Marketing at HPC, a Xero Platinum Partner.  "'s new direct sync with Xero will make it even easier for small businesses and their advisors to use Xero and together to drastically reduce the time they spend on accounts payable."  In the coming weeks, customer support will be contacting current OneSaas sync users to start the upgrade process. 

More information on using Xero with is available on the Xero site

If you've just signed up for a trial account and did not select an accounting software package to use with, you can still set up direct sync with Xero by selecting Xero as your accounting software.

From the settings menu, select startup checklist.

Select 1st Sync


Select Change.

Select Xero.

Check out the Xero site for more information.

Henrique Ceribelli
VP of Product Management,
Henrique joined in 2007, leading key product innovations such as payables, receivables, and the integration with leading accounting providers. Henrique holds a MBA from UC Berkeley, and a BA and a MS in Computer Science from the University of Sao Paulo.