Fin Tech Stacks and ARVO

Fin Tech Stacks and ARVO

Being part of a finance team in a mid-market company presents you with many choices and tradeoffs - priorities, process, technology, and more. There always seems to be a tradeoff between simplicity and capability. The easy-to-use technology and easy-to-follow processes lack a certain depth and strength. The robust enterprise solutions offer endless configuration but often require complexity of implementation, adoption, and process. It’s cliche to say, but mid-market finance teams want that Goldilocks solution - not too difficult, not ineffective...something that’s, well, just right.

Fortunately, the fintech industry has figured this out and has offered those “just right” solutions for years. There are excellent mid-market financial solutions in ERP, payroll, FP&A, corporate and employee expense management, e-commerce, subscription and revenue management, invoicing, and more.

Yet all these options make it difficult to select and integrate the elements of your financial tech stack over time. Which of these solutions, together, make things “just right” for your team and organization?

Spoiler alert - you’re reading the blog so you know that is coming to the rescue! But in all seriousness, the key to optimizing your tech stack is not just the solutions themselves, it is all about knowing HOW TO INTEGRATE the solutions you choose.

We’ve worked with industry experts, fintech vendors, and our own product experts to bring you tech stack blueprints that show you how to build your tech stack and optimize processes and roles to keep you humming along. So make your choice and know that not only integrates with other fintech solutions, we’ll also show you how to do it!

Imagine optimizing and simplifying your AP processes while also simplifying your accounting and reconciliation activities. can help you do it! But don’t just take our word for it…

Join us on January 15, 2020 at 10am PST and hear from Jason Spessard, CFO of ARVO, the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology. Jason will talk about how he came about integrating and Sage Intacct to keep his team and organization running efficiently. He’ll share benefits like insight, simplicity, payment and process automation, and more. Then we’ll walk you through the tech stack blueprints that show you how to do it yourself, whether you’ve got a single- or multi-entity architecture in Sage Intacct. And since it’s the holiday season and we’re in a giving mood, we’ll show you where to get a free copy of the tech stack blueprints for your own organization?

Register here for the webinar and we’ll see you (virtually) on January 15, 2020!

December 26, 2019
Mark Gervase
Director, Product Marketing,
Mark works with accountants and finance professionals to achieve efficiency and intelligence through automation. He is a former CPA with experience in public accounting and corporate finance and has a background in helping companies use financial technology. Mark holds an MBA and BA in Economics from the University of California Berkeley.