New Network Features Make It Easy to Connect and Migrate to ePayments

July 18, 2014

Replacing your in-house check runs with reduces costs and security risks significantly. But if you’re using checks to pay vendors, you’re still vulnerable to mail delays, loss, or theft. As if that weren’t bad enough, you or your staff must endure phone calls from irate vendors demanding payment, and spend time voiding and reissuing checks and adjusting journal entries to correct your books.

Getting vendors to adopt electronic payments (ACH) eliminates these issues. The new features releasing the evening of July 18, 2014 are designed to make it easier for you to invite them to accept ACH.

In addition, we are releasing a new capability that allows you as a vendor to connect with your customers, who in turn, can pay you electronically.

This blog post highlights the new Network capabilities of our July Release:

  • Expanded Invitation Capabilities and Easier Process to Accept Invitations: With this release, anyone with a account can invite any other business to connect on to pay or get paid. In addition, we've simplified the process to accept invitations so your invitees can be more easily connect with you.
  • New Network Tab for Managing Connections: Our new Network tab helps you keep track of your connections and pending invitations.
  • Connected Businesses can Optimize Shared Processes with our eBilling/eInvoicing Solution: Making it easier to connect is just the beginning of the rich capabilities offers. What’s truly significant is what two connected businesses can do; the shared processes they can optimize; and the manual activities they can eliminate (like rekeying invoice data!).

 At the end of this post, we include additional resources to help you learn more.

Expanded Invitation Capabilities and Easier Process to Accept Invitations

The July Release enables anyone with a account to invite any other business to connect on our Network. If you subscribe to our Receivables solution, you too can now invite your own customers to connect and pay you on You’ll need your customer’s payment network ID on to initiate the connection. But in the future, you’ll be able to search and find them with just the business name. We are excited about the expansion of our invitation process, and we believe this is a great way for you to migrate your customers to ACH, which in turn, accelerates the delivery of payments directly to your bank account. 

So with the July release, all our customers — both Payables and Receivables customers  —  can invite their business partners to our Network and migrate their transactions to ACH.

To boost acceptance of those invitations, we’ve simplified the process to accept the invitations, removing the steps that prevent invitees from completing the process.


New Network Tab for Managing Connections

Now that you have more and better capabilities for inviting other businesses to connect on our Network, we’ve built a new Network tab to help you manage your connections. You can keep track of all your connections on, including invitations you’ve sent that are awaiting a response. You can also quickly see and respond to invitations that you’ve received from your customers and vendors.


Your business’ profile on the Network will also be accessible under the Network tab. As of the July 2014 release, only you and the businesses you invite will be able to see your profile. In the coming months, you will be able to customize the information in your profile. You will also have the option to publish it as a public profile searchable by other businesses that want to find and connect with you.


Connected Businesses can Optimize Shared Processes with Our eBilling/eInvoicing Solution

When two paying subscribers of connect on our Network, they can take advantage of our full Network capabilities. Their invoice and payment processes are jointly optimized, and data is exchanged between them without any data loss.

What does this mean in practice? Both the vendor and the customer to a transaction are alerted when invoices are sent and when payments are made. And the invoices and payments are sent in a format that the receiver can use immediately — with no manual data scrubbing or re-entry. To be specific, when a vendor sends an invoice, the customer receives the full invoice data — including any attachments — and does not need to rekey it. In return, when the customer sends the payment, the vendor receives all the remittance information  — and any attachments — and will not need to rekey it into

A eInvoice, eBilling, and ePayment process would involve the following four steps:

  • The vendor sends an eInvoice to the customer
  • directs the eInvoice to the customer’s inbox, where it becomes an eBill
  • The customer routes the eBill for approval in an automated process; when the eBill is approved, the customer issues an ePayment
  • The ePayment goes to the vendor’s account, and the invoice is automatically closed

At the end of this process, both the vendor and the customer reconcile the payments with their respective accounting systems with a one-click sync or through import/export.

How does the Network transform the vendor’s business performance?

  • Accelerated payments improve its liquidity and cash management
  • Fewer staff and time are needed to manage the receivables process
  • Reconciling payments against customer invoices and accounts is faster and more accurate 

How does the Network transform the customer’s business performance?

  • The streamlined process eliminates manual tasks that delay payments, increasing the ability to take advantage of early payment discounts
  • Elimination of the manual transcription of invoice data reduces the staff needed to manage the payables and reconciliation processes
  • The use of ePayments as a replacement to checks, credit cards, and other payment methods reduces transaction costs

Want to Learn More?

Our new Network enhancements will help you to more easily build your Network and enjoy all the benefits of being connected. To learn more:

And stay tuned as we roll out our new Network features in the coming months. We are excited about the new tools that will help extend your ability to find, connect, transact, and collaborate with other businesses on our Network.

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