Five Ways to Optimize Your Accounting Software with

Five Ways to Optimize Your Accounting Software with

The other day, I spoke with a business owner who had recently made a $100,000 mistake.

Their outdated, paper-based approval process – absent of a digital accounts payable workflow – resulted in paying a $100,000 bill without the proper authorization. The massive debit from their banking account made a significant dent in their cash flow.

If they had been using, that wouldn’t have happened. 

As many small and medium businesses already know (and often tell me), helps companies save time and money on back-office operations with accounting software and AP workflow automation that brings unrivaled efficiency to the accounts payable process. There’s no better accounting software for managing everything from paying bills and creating invoices, to ACH payments and electronic funds transfers.

Businesses of all sizes have discovered the ease of using to pay for everything from supplies to vendor services. While you may already be using to save time and money when it comes to account management, there are even more ways it can help you manage your small business and make accounting even easier.

Here are five great features of that you might not know about – but you should.

1. Consoles for Centralized Account Management features a management hub called a console, designed to help you manage multiple business entities that require separate accounts. (Franchise owners and property management companies often use this approach.) With the Console, you can see all your accounts payable and accounts receivable information for all businesses in a single interface.  You can log in to, see an overview of all AP and AR activities such as open bills and due dates, and manage any payment needed for all of your businesses.

Imagine that you have a dog washing company in Los Angeles, but also have branches in Nevada and Washington. Instead of setting up separate accounting software logins for each location, you can manage everything through the console.  

Among other handy features, the Console gives you a to-do list for all your clients that includes the ability to access each client account with a single click. The Console serves as your central client hub and eliminates the need to have a separate login for each business you manage.

2. Stay in Sync

When you rely on traditional AP systems, you have to do extra work to keep your accounting software, printed checks and bank accounts all in balance since your information isn’t shared between systems. If you want the same information to appear in all your systems, you must attempt complicated uploads, manually retype the information or do after-the-fact reconciliation. That dreaded double data entry eats up precious time and can lead to countless errors.

As a cloud-based, digital business payments system, does away with all that. It is an evolved form of cloud accounting that allows you to sync all your information between your accounting software like QuickBooks Online, NetSuite, Sage Intacct and Xero. A transaction that occurs in will automatically reflect in your accounting software. Even better, it also keeps your bank transactions up-to-date. That means you have accurate and up-to-date data with no extra effort on your part.

3. App Integration

The ability to sync data is helped by the fact that integrates with a wide range of apps and accounting software programs. app partners include Expensify, Tallie, Salesforce, Hubdoc and All of these solutions integrate to provide superior workflow automation and a great tech stack. For example, imagine that an expense report comes in via Expensify. With the and Expensify integration, that expense report – when approved – can be paid via Data flows between the two systems so that all information is real-time and accurate.

This type of integration with top accounting apps allows you to take your account management to new levels, boosting your efficiency and ensuring accuracy across your entire accounts payable workflow.

4. Controlling Approval Workflows

Approvals are a key part of the accounts payable process, but you might not want all people to be able to approve all things. Payment workflow automation from allows you to digitize and optimize your payments process and ensure that each bill undergoes appropriate reviews.

Take, for example, the company I told you about at the beginning of this blog. If the company had used, that bill would have entered the system and been automatically sent through the correct review process based on the company’s pre-established guidelines. The review process would have only included the proper, designated people – those authorized to review and ultimately approve the payment. 

The approval workflows amplify your control over approvals. Say that you’re worried about fraud and want to limit who can review bills and who can approve payments over certain large dollar amounts. By setting up an approval workflow in, you designate who can and cannot be involved. You still get the efficiency of payment automation while retaining control over the larger approval process.

5. Easier International Payments

Any business that routinely deals with international clients or vendors knows what a notorious hassle international payments can be. International Business Payments take the pain out of the process and makes international payments as easy as domestic payments. Every payment – whatever its destination around the world - is contained in one system, converted into a local currency, tracked and audit-ready.

Handling international payments with gives you greater visibility and control over the payment process, reducing the likelihood of error and saving significant fees over those typically charged by banks for international wire transfers.

Ready to make accounting easier? Start a 30-day, risk-free trial today.

November 6, 2018
Megan Callahan
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