The Gen Z Conundrum

Gen Z

Millennials are out, and Gen Z is in.

Sure, it was fun while it lasted. There were tears, memes—an exorbitant amount of avocado toast. But now, millennials are just as dead as diamonds, the anti-aging industry, and Buffalo Wild Wings.

It was a hoot and a half, but it’s time to say “goodbye” to Gen Y and “hello, Gen Z.”

Introducing Generation Z

As our friends at FastCompany put it...


“While generational research is an inherently messy process... [Gen Z] makes up a quarter of the U.S. population and by 2020 will account for 40% of all consumers. Understanding them will be critical to companies wanting to succeed in the next decade and beyond.”

Great, good to know! But what actually does Gen Z want?

While generational totality is never finite, the most popular stereotype is that they came out of the womb with their eyes glued to a tablet. Which isn’t that far from the truth. 

Personal Anecdote: A few years back I spent a truly unfortunate four months substitute teaching fifth graders. These Gen Z terrors left me with extensive psychological damage and the realization that technology was ingrained in their DNA. When I was their age I was contracting dysentery from a crude computer game not monitoring pop culture threads on Reddit.

So, it’s no secret that Generation Z is inherently technology-dependent. They have smart phones, smart cars, smart refrigerators—it’s all they’ve known. Their adolescence to adulthood has been centered around a strong WiFi connection, and now businesses have the chance to capitalize on that fact.

Automation in a Gen Z World

From marketing to hiring, automation is the clear path to Gen Z’s heart.

According to Forbes:

“Generation Z is the first group considered to be true “digital natives,” and this is reflected in their purchasing decisions. With 74 percent spending their free time online, they are quickly becoming the primary online buyers.”

And this is just from a consumer perspective. As the newest round of job seekers, Gen Z is just as motivated by technology in their work life. Which means companies can entice these potential new hires with streamlined digital tools and products.

As Forbes states:

“Like millennials, [Gen Z focuses] their energy on achieving a better quality of life, which includes being aspiring entrepreneurs.”

And no one’s quality of life is improving if they're spending all of their time on arduous back-office tasks. Saving time and increasing overall productivity will give these budding entrepreneurs the motivation they need to succeed. By implementing cutting edge solutions into your processes, you’ll encourage these digital natives to be just as passionate about your business as you are.

They may not be millennials, but trust us—Gen Z is coming.

August 23, 2017
Kate Wilson
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