Give Yourself the Ultimate Holiday Gift

Gift Yourself

Ho, ho, OH NO! Is that the time?

Any entrepreneur can relate to this moment of panic. With the holidays coming, money may be tight—but time is even tighter.

Fear not, business owners!

With a slew of tools such as automation, payment solutions, and more, you can win back the time you need to actually enjoy the season.

1. Prioritize like parents at a Toys“R”Us

Because the holidays depend on it.

Prioritizing items on your to-do list means you have a clear sense of what needs to be done now and what can be done later.

Determine priorities by asking what the risks are if you don't do a task immediately. For example, paying this month’s bills would rank higher than scheduling a facial for your trip to Bali in six months. It’d be a big issue if your company didn’t have internet access—it wouldn’t be quite as detrimental if your pores weren't vacation-ready. 

Pro Tip: Attach realistic deadlines to each item on your to-do list.

2. Put paper on the naughty list

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with paper here and there. But when your company relies on it for almost every activity, it slows down your entire organization.

Enter the nicest kid in town: Automation.

Ready to ice skate? Make gingerbread houses? Listen to the sultry sounds of Michael Bublé? It's time to limit paper in your workplace and go digital.

Pro Tip: Don’t believe us? Next time someone whips a check out to pay for canned cranberry sauce, time that compared to swiping a card or using other forms of paperless pay.

3. Banish transactional work to the island of misfit toys

Get rid of work that requires only a little brain power and a lot of aggravation. Data entry, check signing, and even filing can fall into this category. They’re the voracious little tasks that eat up your time.

Technology such as automated accounts payable converts time-consuming tasks like getting a check approved for payment into a streamlined, online process—you’ll complete your back-office work in half the time and generate an automatic audit trail.

Pro Tip: Integrate the technologies your business uses. When solutions sync together, you get real-time and accurate data in a heartbeat—no data entry or exporting/importing required.

4. Delegate like old Saint Nick

You may not be staffed like the North Pole, but that doesn’t mean you can’t delegate. Start by re-assessing your employees and comparing it to your to-do list. Is a staff member eager to learn more about marketing? Consider letting them take that task off your list. Chances are, you have talent in-house you can lean on.

Next, look beyond your company walls. Are there partners you work with that can take over duties (for example, an accounting or bookkeeping firm that can take over financial stress)?

Finally, the best source of breathing room can come from administrative support. Work with a cost-efficient virtual assistant to help with scheduling, questions, logistics, and more.

Pro Tip: When you eliminate the clutter of activities, you can focus on strategic priorities that yield more valuable results.

Ready to reclaim your time this holiday season?

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December 12, 2017
Kate Wilson
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