Go Planet! Go Paperless!

World Environment Day

"The Power Is Yours!"

To save the environment—and you don’t even need green hair, trendy jewelry, and a '90s theme song to do it.

Every June 5, World Environment Day focuses our attention on the need to protect the intricate balance of ecology on Earth. And it’s on us to reduce our carbon footprint in all aspects of our life.

Which brings us to a business’ greatest ecological foe: Paper.

Planeteer Alert: Every year an American office worker goes through 10,000 sheets of paper. That's more than two cases of paper for each worker.

Going paperless and maximizing the use of cloud computing is the top solution for living a greener life. According to Forbes, more than three-fourths of small businesses will use cloud applications by 2020. And, with so many available solutions, there is no question that adopting cloud-based technology is the way of the future.

Protect the Planet! Automate These 3 Key Areas of Your Business

1. Customer Support

Does keeping track of your clients still involve paper? Well, it shouldn’t. Implement an automated CRM solution like Zendesk or Salesforce to manage your customer relationships. You’ll find your company’s efficiency will greatly improve. Plus, the time you’ll save on back-office operations will keep you, your clients, and the trees happy.

2. Marketing

Direct mail is out! And digital marketing is in. Which is why marketing automation solutions are currently trending. Do you want to implement a robust email nurture? Or grow your brand on social media? Digital solutions like Marketo and Sprout Social are the tools that will lead you to victory.

3. Finance

It’s all about profitability—and cash flow is the lifeblood of your small business. Implementing a cloud-based bill payment platform will be the first step to streamlining your finances. Your top priority is to pay and get paid, and paper will just stand in your way.

With Our Powers Combined! The Benefits of Going Paperless

1. Space Utilization

Every standard four-drawer file cabinet holds 10,000-12,000 documents and utilizes 9 square feet of floor space. Get rid of the clutter and save the Earth in the process!

2. Time Savings

The average employee wastes 30-40 percent of his day trying to locate data and information stored in boxes and filing cabinets. An automated solution provides a digital paper trail that you can easily access with the click of a button.

3. Security

It’s a fact—a paperless office is more secure. Cloud-based solutions have countless risk management measures in place to protect your business from fraud or cyberattacks. And, when you store your information digitally, your records won’t get lost in a natural disaster (or an office disaster.)

4. Environmentally Friendly

Statistically, we use 10 million trees and 250 million of gallons of oil just to print receipts each year. Captain Planet is very disappointed. And defeating that paper foe is the only way to gain back his trust.

World Environment Day is a great time to reassess how your business is operating. Denounce paper, automate your solutions, and save the Earth! Remember, be "the solution" not "the pollution."

June 5, 2017
Kate Wilson
Social Media Manager,
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