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Accountant Partner Program

Today, we’re unveiling a whole new

According to the 2017 Bill Payment Trends Survey, 77% of large accounting firms wish their clients would eliminate paper checks and 75% recommend that their clients pay their bills online. Yet, only 25% require clients to use a specific solution for digital bill payment.

So why the disconnect? We all want the same thing—superior value for clients while cutting time spent on bill pay in half.

Enter: The newly enhanced Accountant Partner Program.

We saw the sizeable opportunity to partner with accounting firms and their client accounting services practices to create significant internal efficiencies that deliver even more value to clients. The new Accountant Partner Program delivers a combination of services, resources, and technology that are designed to help accounting firms increase profits by efficiently solving bill pay challenges for all of their clients.

Why the Accountant Partner Program is Right for You

Over half of the top 100 accounting firms choose to automate payments, manage client cash flow, go paperless, and secure every transaction. The benefits include:

  • Gain efficiency through CAS process standardization. helps accounting firms develop efficiencies across their client accounting services practice through standardizing the bill pay process. This energizes the practice and positions client accounting services as a driver of growth within the firm.

  • Add more client value and satisfaction to your CAS offering.

Delight your clients with easier online bill pay, clearer cash flow, and mobile collaboration. Plus, your client ends up with clean books and well-documented expenses, making for an easy financial statement audit.

  • Increase margins and profits.

Serve more clients in less time. Turn client bill pay from a cost center into a profit center.

  • Pay bills securely without worrying about fraud. moves over $50 billion annually, so we take financial security seriously. Our bank compliance, fraud prevention, and data security meet the highest industry standards.

What’s in the Accountant Partner Program?

The Accountant Partner Program automates client business payments and delivers powerful tools that help firms grow their CAS practice.

1. Technology

End-to-end automation, designated routing, roles and permissions, seamless accounting software sync, and cloud-enabled mobility deliver time-saving efficiency and an intuitive client experience. Plus, wraps it all up in a centralized dashboard to manage payments for every client.

2. Services

Personalized product implementation, in-depth training, and award-winning support keep your practice running like a fine-tuned accounting machine.

3. Resources

One-on-one coaching, access to our robust Accountant Resource Center, and profitability-driven pricing help grow your client accounting practice.

To learn more about how the Accountant Partner Program can help your firm increase profits visit here!

December 4, 2017
Mark Gervase
Director, Product Marketing,
Mark works with accountants and finance professionals to achieve efficiency and intelligence through automation. He is a former CPA with experience in public accounting and corporate finance and has a background in helping companies use financial technology. Mark holds an MBA and BA in Economics from the University of California Berkeley.