How to Convince Your Boss to Use

Convince Your Boss

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

The problem with this belief is that A) things are often broken and B) they don’t get fixed.

Many tech-forward finance professionals constantly hear this from their bosses—especially when they bring up ideas such as bookkeeping automation, ACH transfers, EFT payments, Venmo, and more.

The struggle is real. These professionals face outdated, time-consuming processes that could be greatly improved with accounting technologies.

Now, we can’t fix all outdated processes, but we can fix one thing—payments. Believe us, with, the days of paper are numbered.

But how can you convince your boss that is the way to go? That your processes are broken and that you can fix them? These are the five most common excuses you’ll hear and how to expertly counter them.

1. We’ve always done AP and AR this way.

Faulty processes turn into dysfunctional ruts.

Efficiency drives competitive advantages. Instead of accommodating processes, it’s time to determine if they truly support the company in a productive manner. Companies that run efficiently can focus on high-value tasks rather than shuffling paper. Responsibilities can transform into items such as vision, positioning, new markets, and pricing.

With digital payment options, automated workflows, and document management, cuts the time spent on AP by 50%. That’s employee time your boss can reallocate as needed to support the business.

At the same time, can automate your AR. Invoices can be sent and payment collected automatically. It saves your company time and labor and contributes to a stabilized cash flow.

With these points in mind, doesn’t it make sense to check out

2. No one else is using it.

Consider these numbers:

  • Two million members process $36 billion in payments annually through
  • 22 million bills and invoices are created in each month
  • Three of the top-10 US banks use
  • More than 50% of the top-100 accounting firms rely on

Suffice to say that this myth has been debunked.

3. It’s not safe.

Hand someone a paper check and they have all the information they need to rip off your company. Bank name. Routing number. Account number. Add in “ill intent,” and you have the corporate version of a Lifetime movie.

Now consider these tested and proven security measures offered by

  • Permissions-based access: You determine who can use the system and what each user and see and access. Want an employee to review an invoice but not authorize payment? Done.
  • You never share bank account information in order to facilitate payments via Neither do your vendors or customers.
  • Our multi-factor authentication (MFA) prevents fraudulent access to your account.
  • All payments go through the account. Your bank account and routing numbers are never exposed.

These security measures, as well as the security protocols outlined here, create a compelling case.

4. We don’t have time to learn a new system.


If you can use a mobile app, you can use is a cloud-based, mobile, and intuitive solution. It makes sense to users. You set it up and get it going in a matter of minutes. Plus, support offers you the answers you need should a question arise, including support on how to integrate with accounting software such as QuickBooks Online and Xero.

5. It’s too expensive.

This is one we ALWAYS hear from paper check fans. And we have the facts that dispute this argument.

Did you know that the monthly cost to process and send 500 checks is more than $2,000? If you used, that cost would deflate to only $140 a month.

Still don’t believe us? Check out this infographic that outlines the cost of paper checks versus payments via

Questions that open up the conversation

Interested in moving to, but waiting for the right time to approach your boss? Here are some comments from your boss that will leave the door wide open for the conversation:

  • We have too many late fees.
  • I hate that our books aren’t up to date in a timely manner.
  • I’m sick of scheduling time just to sign paper checks.
  • It takes too long to get invoices out to our customers.
  • We don’t have the budget to hire more people just to handle AP and AR.

Seeing is believing

Show your boss immediately how supports today’s modern businesses.