Sure-fire ways to successfully launch client accounting services

How to get started with CAS

If you’re hearing a lot about client accounting services (CAS), there’s a reason.

According to a survey from Accounting Today, more than 40% of firms are offering or planning to provide CAS, also known as outsourced accounting. The AICPA found that CAS contributes significantly to accounting firm revenues, averaging anywhere from 8%-20% of revenue depending on a firm’s size.

What does it all mean? CAS gives firms the opportunity to grow and profit.

What does CAS include?

According to, CAS includes financial statement preparation, general ledger management, payroll, virtual CFO services, cash flow management, AP, AR, transaction processing, and controllership. An accounting firm takes over all of these responsibilities, giving clients greater insight into their financial performance and more time to concentrate on their businesses. (The 2018 Client Accounting Services survey results break down even more ways companies benefit from CAS.)

The starting point for CAS—AP and AR.

Firms are intrigued by CAS. However, the mechanics around offering it may prove confusing for many practitioners. It boils down to one question: Where do you start?

Fortunately, data reveals that accounts payable and accounts receivable serve as the perfect starting places for CAS. The CAS survey referenced above finds that more than half of businesses that outsource AP and AR are interested in outsourcing all accounting services. is your gateway to CAS.

AP and AR are, traditionally, cumbersome services—especially if your clients cling to paper. Success in these areas relies on being able to ingest data from multiple sources (bills, contracts, notes, etc.), review them via authorized workflows, send them out, collect and send payments, and track all activities. streamlines these processes with:

  • Automation—On the AP side, harnesses the power of the cloud to make reviewing (and reminding) simple. In fact, cuts AP time by 50%. A bill enters the system. Based on preset workflows and guidelines, routes it through the appropriate individuals for review and sends automated reminders to reviewers if they don’t act within a certain amount of time. At all times, you can access your dashboard and see exactly where a bill is in the review process. For AR, can automatically create and send invoices. Your clients (and their customers) can even opt to auto-pay each month, meaning money lands in the appropriate banking accounts on the first of each month (or whichever date they prefer). As one accountant said, “That’s cash flow gold!”
  • Document management— hosts all AP- and AR-related documents in the cloud. No more sifting through filing cabinets, email accounts, or private drives.
  • Audit-ready results—Each activity in is automatically tracked from beginning to end. You can see who did what and when. If an audit occurs, you can give the auditor audit-level access to the system. An audit can be over in an hour, as opposed to days (or weeks).
  • Mobility—Busy company owners don’t have time to sit in one spot. They run their businesses from home offices, airports, cars, and more. With, your firm gives its clients the ability to review and approve bills or send invoices from their preferred Android or iOS device. A few taps and payment is sent.
  • Integrations— integrates with your firm’s preferred accounting solutions, including QuickBooks Online, Xero, NetSuite, Sage Intacct, Hubdoc, Expensify, and Tallie. These integrations eliminate double data entry and ensure that all accounting systems have real-time, accurate data.  

Ready to start your journey to CAS? Learn more about With streamlined processes, increased transparency, and enhanced convenience, your clients will see immediate, positive results.

A CAS (and success story

High Rock Accounting opened its doors in 2013 with one purpose: Provide businesses with a progressive experience for client advisory services.  According to its CFO and shareholder Melissa Diaz, CPA, represented a critical part of this mission: “ is a great place to start for CAS. If someone isn’t quite ready, it is a significant step towards getting them to a fully outsourced accounting system. It helps clients get over the hump of ‘It’s scary for me.’”

With, the firm improves cash management for their clients, automates record keeping, and streamlines workflows. The firm also discovered an additional benefit—the ability to get more done in less time.

The real test, though, is what its clients think of As one High Rock Accounting client explains: “Contractor payment was crazy before High Rock and Now, I can click a button, and everyone is paid online at the end of the week.”

Read the full case study here.

Expert CAS and technology tips

When exploring new technology in support of new services, it’s often helpful to have an expert on-call. At, we’ve created a proven blueprint for success for launching AP and AR services. It’s been honed and tested by accounting firms of all sizes.

We invite you to tap into our experience by contacting the sales team and requesting a demo. During the demo, we can learn about your firm and its needs and show precisely how can support your goals.


July 30, 2018
Mark Gervase
Director, Product Marketing,
Mark works with accounting firms and bookkeepers to grow their businesses and achieve efficiencies through automation and cloud technologies. He is a former CPA, has a background in financial technology, and holds an MBA and BA in Economics from the University of California Berkeley.