How to Make Your Business Greener

Green Office

Tomorrow is Earth Day! A day to celebrate plants and feel overwhelming shame at your recycling habits.

But “living green” doesn’t just have to be personal. Your business life can greatly benefit from a greener environment. And when heavy hitters like NASA are developing entirely green buildings you know it’s not just a fad—it’s a new way of life.

The 3 Keys Things For a Greener Business

1. Smart Supplies

As a small business when you waste supplies and energy you also waste money. And learning to do more with less will greatly enhance your efficiency.

First, think of the supplies you use. For example, there are over four million pens thrown away each year in the United States and countless more paper clips and other office supplies (don’t even get us started on paper!) Making small changes like implementing reusable pens can save you a small fortune in the long run. Especially if you start tracking where those unneeded supplies are going.

And speaking of paper...get rid of it. Paper completely slows down your processes and is a complete hindrance to your business. Not to mention it’s associated with unnecessary money-suckers like ink and postage. Going paperless is the best way to go green.

2. Digital Solutions

You'll save the environment and your company's wallet by switching your processes from manual to digital.

When fewer things are printed and fewer materials made, there are fewer things that need to be managed and maintained. Think about your current systems. You might have to keep hard copies of work records, purchase orders, supply orders, and even accounts payable and accounts receivable. By implementing an automated solution, you’ll remove all the unnecessary upkeep of a manual process. Plus, you’ll save time and money, and ease that built-up recycling guilt.

3. Cloud Storage

Storage is the secret environment killer. According to Fast Company, "Demand for new technology creates 4,000 tons of e-waste an hour, which often ends up on dead hardware mountains in India, Africa, and China." With the technology industry’s rapid growth, this waste is unavoidable—it’s going to happen. So what can we do to ensure our environment doesn’t suffer along with it?

Cloud technology.

Switching to cloud storage will allow you to easily secure files and access them anytime, anywhere. It’s the mobile, Millennial dream! All you need is a reliable connection. Cloud technology will save you money on hardware, increase your security measures, and release you from those pesky location constraints.

Go green! The plants will thank you.

April 21, 2017
Kate Wilson
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