Let’s Rock the Boat With Digital Innovation at the Aite Cash Management Payments Forum

Aite Cash Management Payments Forum

The Aite Cash Management Payments Forum kicks off tomorrow and I’m delighted for the opportunity to speak on the panel Payments Innovation: Why the Industry Needs Innovators to Rock the Boat. I’ll be joined by banking industry thought leaders Jo Jagadish of JP Morgan Chase, Vinay Prabhakar from Volante Technologies, and Gilles Ubaghs of Aite Group. Erika Baumann, also of Aite Group, will moderate our discussion.

Get ready for an engaging and thought-provoking discussion about emerging technologies that are disrupting the payments industry and how they are meeting, or not meeting, the market needs of businesses today.

Additional topics we’ll delve into include:

  • The advantages (and risks) of thinking outside the box
  • How to capitalize on core strengths and be innovative on a budget
  • The impact that innovative thinking and partnerships have on the financial industry

I’ve worked in the banking and payments industries for more than two decades and there’s never been as much innovation within the payments industry as there is right now. New technologies are removing friction in payments and paving the way for greater efficiencies. In contrast, old technologies have become commoditized and no longer meet the needs of business payments in today’s digital world.

At we’re constantly listening to what our customers need. We take that feedback and evolve it into our platform to make it easy to use and as efficient as possible for small and medium businesses for whom we process more than $60 billion in digital business payments annually.

I look forward to participating in this panel with banking industry leaders about innovation and emerging technologies in the payments industry. Hope to see you there!

December 10, 2018
Tracy Pearce