The Modern CPA

Modern CPA

As a modern CPA, you know that technology has completely changed the accounting game and, now, it’s on you to keep up.

Twenty-first-century trends have created a high demand for rapid advancements, which is why we’ve compiled our very own hitchhiker's guide to the current technology landscape.

After all, you are a modern CPA.

The Must-Have Tools to Modern Success

1. Cloud Technology

In recent years, cloud technology has been THE business buzzword. And rightfully so since digitizing allows complete accessibility. By utilizing the cloud, you’ll be able to efficiently automate any time-consuming back office tasks—allowing you to fully move into the role of trusted financial advisor.

2. Big Data

The rise of big data is almost as meteoric as Chris Pratt’s film career. Companies in every industry are collecting massive amounts of metrics around customer purchase patterns, manufacturing systems, and every other aspect of business. Your clients need help making financial sense of this tidal wave of data. As a modern CPA, it is your duty to analyze the numbers and understand the significance of your client’s big data.

3. Mobility

We’re not saying you’ll like it, but operating your business from a smartphone is the way of the future. We know that transitioning from desktop to mobile might be a challenge, but that anytime, anywhere workstyle is changing the way CPAs do business.

Communicate on the go, pay bills on the go—offer your expert financial services while you’re lounging on the white sands of St. Thomas. Believe us, being tied to your desk is so 20th century.

4. Improve Client Relationships

As technology has advanced, customers have gained more power to control their own finances. And make no mistake about it, these changes have affected their expectations of your firm. A PeopleMetrics survey revealed that clients often feel their CPAs are good with the numbers but less skilled with building relationships and creating a sense of customer loyalty. It’s this mindsight that is dangerous for CPAs. Especially in the “demand it” era.

The challenge is to use technology to your advantage. Be savvy with new solutions so that you can implement processes that save your clients both time and money. Never forget, you are the financial expert here. Whether you’re in-house or part of a firm, your insight can make or break your client’s business.

CPAs, you know accounting, but now it’s time to embark on your bright, successful, and modern future.

August 18, 2017
Kate Wilson
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