New Website and Booming Sales Spurs CEO to Cook Staff Breakfast recently had an outstanding quarter for our sales team and our marketing team launched a new website that is more mobile-friendly, easier to navigate, and provides more resources.  To celebrate these successes,  our CEO cooked breakfast for the company.  Features of this fun event included:

  • Successful omelette flip, easily a foot above the frying pan;
  • CEO wore a chef's hat and apron;
  • Bacon, French toast, coffee.

We would love to get feedback from you on our website.  This is only the first stage of the revisions.  We're planning to add more features and information in the coming months.  Hopefully, they'll be another breakfast at each milestone.

To send us feedback, use one of the following methods:

We'd also like to challenge other CEOs to cook for their teams.  Use the hashtag #mybosscooks when you send pictures.