CNBC’s Top Disruptors Rely on

Recently, was honored by CNBC as one of their top 50 Disruptor companies. Disruptors were chosen based on their ability to innovate and re-create industries for the better. There were 500 private companies nominated by leading venture capital firms.  50 disruptors were selected based on both qualitative and quantitative analysis, innovation and the potential to turn traditional markets upside down (for the better, of course!)


This recognition is an honor for our team but what is even more exciting for us  is that ten of these top 50 disruptors are using to simplify and automate their financial processes.

My goal when I created was to alleviate the headaches I felt personally as an entrepreneur and to dramatically simplify financial management for businesses. By eliminating stacks of bills and paper checks, allows companies across multiple industries to gain financial efficiency and visibility not possible before. And just look at the amazing things these disruptors are creating when they are able to put their effort in the right place.

It’s not just these innovators that are embracing moving finance to the cloud—it’s businesses all over the country.  Our momentum continues to accelerate, and we now have more than 500,000 members paying and getting paid over $12B per year via the Business Payments Network. With more than 100 percent growth year over year, we have also seen electronic payments rocket to 60 percent of overall payments. These are some amazing numbers that we are extremely proud of. They speak not just to our leadership but to the fact that companies are ready for a change. 

Business and finance leaders understand the power of the cloud, and they are embracing automation as the solution to many of their problems. They are creating sleek, virtual companies that can run without ever cutting checks or buying a postage stamp. Every single customer we have—from sole proprietorships to accounting firms to non-profits to SMBs—is in fact a disruptor who is making business work better than ever before. They have embraced a paperless business; have made a stand for financial freedom and speed. So congratulations to all members of the family for this award—you have shared in our vision and you are sharing in our success. From my perspective, you are all top disruptors worth honoring.

René Lacerte
CEO and Founder,
René founded in 2006, bringing with him more than 20 years experience in the finance, software and payments industries. He is a fourth generation entrepreneur and holds a MS in Industrial Engineering and a BS in Quantitative Economics from Stanford University.