[Photo Essay] Xerocon 2016

Xerocon 2016 is still reveling in the magic that was Xerocon 2016. Thank you to everyone that visited us at the booth!

From comedians to monks, Xerocon was jam packed with incredible content. We discussed cloud technology, were told to innovate or be eaten, and discovered the next inflection point of accounting.

It was pretty awesome, and we have the pictures to prove it! Here are the highlights of’s time at the year's most beautiful conference in cloud accounting.

The “Magically Simple” Booth

The Xerocon Expo Hall at Pier 27 in San Francisco + Xero

Photo Credit: @gracehhwang’s very own Patti Searle

The BDCB: Our new business payments boy band

Pablo Federico presenting “a day in the life” of using

Photo Credit: @JoshMcNamara9

Stacey Byrne: Our Social Media Giveaway winner!

The team and Xero CEO, Rod Drury

Photo Credit: @roddrury

#Xerocon wants to give a huge thank you to the entire Xero team for putting on such a fantastic event. See you next year at Xerocon 2017!

August 24, 2016
Kate Wilson
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