The Right Way to the Cloud

BDC/RN customers know the importance of streamlining their workflows. They know that wasting time on back-office tasks means less time actually running their business and providing great products and services for their customers. And they know the importance of a killer tech stack.

Which is why and Right Networks is a match made in cloud heaven.

Both and Right Networks know the value and importance of integrations. We know the value that timely data on financial performance gives your organization. Plus, who doesn’t want the benefit of eliminating double data entry and increasing overall efficiency?

Which is why Right Networks has introduced the Right Networks Cloud—expertly designed to cloud-connect accounting professionals to their small-business clients at every stage of their growth. With our Business Cloud offering, you’ll get the speed and security of QuickBooks Desktop with access to critical applications like Microsoft Excel, TSheets, Expensify, and, of course,

But let’s focus on—this integration will help you skip double data entry, speed up account reconciliation, and get paid faster. There’ll be no need to copy and paste files to a local machine or worry about tracking down the most recent versions of files. And you can create your expense reports, track employee time, and get 10GB of cloud storage to keep your team completely in sync.

Cloud-enabling your accounting solution, on its own, is a huge advantage for your business. Keeping your client data safe from disaster, and available for easy-access, anytime, ensures that you can scale your business as you grow and have all the tools you need to get the job done.

With Right Networks and, you’re tying everything together so that you can be sure that paying and processing your bills is easily available and useable. Start streamlined, stay streamlined, and connect in the cloud.

November 9, 2017
Rachel Krug
Director, Product Marketing, Right Networks
Rachel Krug has ample experience leading high-impact projects and solving complex problems in fast-paced environments and a proven track record of thought leadership. After earning her B.A. in Sociology, Science and Technology Studies from Cornell University, she went on to earn her MBA in Business Analytics, Strategy from New York University.