Tame Time-Consuming Tasks: The 5 Best Tech Tools for Small Businesses

Lion Tamer

Powering Through the Back Office

It’s 6:00 p.m. You’ve been on-site at your small business since 8:00. And while your employees are wrapping up their day, you still have a good four hours of payroll, invoicing, and paying bills ahead of you.

There has to be a better way, right? If you answered yes, it’s high time you re-evaluate the tools you need to get the job done. is here to help! We’ve gathered a list of the top tech tools available to help you power through your back office responsibilities. From accounts payable and accounts receivable automation to collaboration and centralization, these tools reduce time-sucking tasks to a few simple taps on your phone.  

The Top Tech Tools to Help Your Small Business

TrelloTrello - Need to find the status of a project? Tired of sifting through countless emails and notes? Trello is the tool for you. It offers easy step-by-step project organization, highlights due dates, creates to-do lists, and even allows you to invite other collaborators to join in. With Trello you can see all of your important projects. You can take notes, list accomplishments, ask questions, define priorities, and all of this with only one login. Plus, they have an animated spokes-husky named Taco.


Help Taco, Help You

TripitTripIt - Picture this: You’re planning a business trip for you and five employees. Between airline schedules, car rentals and hotel rooms, you’re drowning in itineraries. Tripit compiles all schedules into one app so that a simple tap will give you all the information you need. Confirmation numbers, addresses, phone numbers, all of this at your fingertips. Notable Feature: An upgraded version offers automatic notification changes. Spend less time at the airport and more time growing your business.

GustoGusto - Eliminate tedious paper pushing by using this cloud-based solution for payroll and benefits.  Once Gusto’s set up, you can run payroll a fraction of the time it usually takes, and it even files taxes for you. Gusto offers an online benefits hub for you and your employees and has streamlined mobile access. Busy business owners, breathe a sigh of sweet relief! 

VendVend - Give your retail business POS software that helps it grow into an omnichannel giant. Vend not only helps businesses sell, but it also manages inventory across multiple channels, offers customer loyalty rewards, and compiles reports that help business owners make educated, data-driven decisions. Plus, it’s all in the cloud. - Let’s face it. Paying bills isn’t glamorous, it’s downright difficult. Paying your personal bills is one thing, but paying bills for your business is an entirely different beast. You’re juggling invoices, contracts, receipts, and checks, all while trying to reconcile your entire payment process. eliminates paper checks and simplifies the complex task of reviewing, approving, and paying bills. All documents are stored online, and you can pay bills anytime, anywhere. In addition, offers accounts receivable - ensuring that your customers get their invoices on time and can pay them online. 

While you can’t entirely tame back office work, you can make the experience more efficient – and even enjoyable. By eliminating extraneous time spent on these tasks, you build an ample trust of time that you can invest back into what you love – your business. 

Take the first steps to solving back office challenges by starting a risk-free trial of today.