Tips for Surviving Tax Season

Tax season runs from January 1 through April 15th and is a busy season for tax preparers and accounting professionals.  During this time, many of our customers gather wage and earnings statements such as 1099s and W-2s and organize tax returns. Stakes are high as a professionally done tax return can improve the financial outcome for businesses and mistakes can be costly.

Our accounting customers have developed techniques to organize their workflow to survive this busy time and provide the best possible service to the businesses that depend on them for tax preparation.

Here are nine tips that the community would like to share with you.

“We use Jetpack Workflow to keep track of all of Tax Deadlines. It is a very flexible tool that enables our whole team to stay on task throughout the busy season!” - Peter

“Use Google calendar and each week, set a task that needs to be completed for taxes, i.e. week ended 2/7/2015 - check to make sure all W-2s are in.” - Tina

“I start a new envelope every year. When I have a receipt or any other paperwork I add it to the envelope. Makes it easier for the next tax year.” - Sandy

“Scan and deliver. Get the documents gathered and in quickly after January. Don't wait for perfection. Get it delivered. Check in. Sign off.” - Marsha

“Working out reenergizes me after very long working hours and days, some of them stressful. It helps clear my mind and get ready for the next day.” - Ken

“Ferret out C/D clients that make you pick up multiple times...just like last year…” - Gary

“Push clients to start gathering information early, by March 1st.” - Nicole

“Start early” - Jill and Deena

If you would like to share your tips, meet other customers, and have fun, please join our Insiders VIP customer community.

Leah Rappaport
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