Top Tech Apps to Make Your Life Easier

Top Technology Apps

Today, it’s all about the apps.

You’ve got Lyft, you’ve got DoorDash, you’ve got Postmates—essentially, you never have to leave the house again.

It’s a beautiful, new world of convenience, and we know you love it.

But what about your business life? Sure, it’s no problem ordering Panda Express at two in the morning, but what’s going to help you forge the way to SMB success?

Say it with us now...


That personal freedom you feel when your laundry detergent and Cheetos are hand-delivered can be replicated in business. And we’ve got the tools to help!

The Top Technology Apps for Business


Sprout Social — If there was a physical way to propose to a software company, we would do it. Sprout’s publishing platform allows you to schedule all social posts in advance—releasing your team from the daily clutches of Facebook while still keeping your business engaged online. It’s user-friendly, offers robust data analytics, and is the source of many of our digital-focused love songs.

Slack — If you were there for the great Slackpocalypse of 2018 you know the necessity of this messaging app. Slack consolidates communications—letting you direct message, group message, call, and video chat from one home base. Slack has become so ingrained in people’s work lives that just a "brief outage" made users collectively lose their minds.

Finance — is bringing back-office innovation to small businesses! With digital payments, automated workflows, and audit-ready files, you can cut the time you spend on AP by 50% and pull in payments 2-3 times faster—all conveniently from your smartphone.

Expensify — Receipts are the bane of our business existence, and Expensify creates “expense reports that don’t suck.” This platform automates everything from receipt scanning to reimbursement—saving you an exponential amount of time and hassle.

Customer Service

Zendesk — Zendesk Support offers a simple but effective app to track, prioritize, and solve customer support tickets. You can get push notifications for ticket updates, apply predefined responses, search all tickets, and provide seriously killer customer care.

Zoho — Zoho Desk offers everything agents, managers, and customers need for support. Its dashboard categorizes support tickets by due dates, provides related customer information and history, and suggests solutions from your company’s knowledge base.


Todoist — Todoist converts your lengthy to-do list into a mobile and organized asset, complete with due dates and the ability to assign tasks. Even better—it integrates with an insane number of useful programs, including Google Home and Amazon Echo.

TripItAll of your travel reservations in one app? Yes, please! With TripIt you can forward your confirmation emails to the platform where it creates a master itinerary for each trip. TripIt categorizes your information, allows you to share your itinerary, and even alerts you to cancellations or delays.


LinkedIn — LinkedIn has always been a key social site for connecting, but now, with its sales enablement program, it’s proven to be so much more than recruiting. LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator allows you to target companies, understand lead changes, and socially engage with prospects.

Calendly — In sales, nothing warms the cockles of your heart like booking appointments, and Calendly allows you to do this seamlessly! In the app, you can designate your availability then share a link so anyone can book a time to talk to you. Plus, it integrates with Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook, and Office 365.

Trust us, apps are a game changer for business—it’s about working smarter, not harder.

February 7, 2018
Kate Wilson
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