Your Prescription for a Healthy Firm in 2018

Digital CPA

It’s that time of year again—flu season. But for CPAs, we’re not only due for a vaccine—we’re due for a healthy dose of CPE credits. Now “CPE season”—the time between the end of Fall tax season and the start of year-end planning, is a time to learn new things, and we do that by checking the box of attaining CPE credit. Typically, online training and webinars have dominated the season—you can get your credits easily and then get back to work. Just like your annual flu shot, you get it done and hope you’re squared away for the next year.

But I’ve got a new prescription for you that’s even better—it’s time to get out from behind your desk and hit up some events.

Without digesting a healthy dose of education, networking, and new ideas, its very easy to quickly lose touch with client needs, technology, and growth strategies. That’s worse than the flu, as it could signal the decline of your value as an accountant.

There is no substitute for live events. Surrounding yourself with peers, industry leaders, and technology experts will challenge you and your firm colleagues to think about what’s possible and how to strive for higher goals. Candid dialogue gets you a broad perspective on challenges and opportunities from accountants around the country. And keeping up with industry and technology trends boost your value as a trusted accountant advisor.

My prescription? The Digital CPA conference from in San Francisco this December. If you have been considering new digital solutions, want to create better efficiencies with technology, or learn the critical path to success from top firms and a community of your peers, this is the premier industry event for you. And yes, you can get CPE credits as well—the healthy way!

Plus, will be there to help you learn, share, and get awesome free gifts! This is a big opportunity for current clients and those checking out new solutions to get a first look at the significant innovation and exciting news we have to share. will be hosting an in-person workshop on optimizing your CAS ecosystem, and many other educational and valuable opportunities to grow your firm. Want the details? Check out our Digital CPA page here, and take a look at what we will be up to.

Don’t let flu season bring you down, and make sure you’re at the top of your game in 2018 and beyond. With the leading experts at AICPA and, this is your chance to get candid feedback from firms on how the top digital solutions are performing, what works, and what can be done better.

But be sure to get your flu shot before you go—accountants don’t have time to be sick.

See you in San Francisco!

November 2, 2017
Mark Gervase
Director, Product Marketing,
Mark works with accounting firms and bookkeepers to grow their businesses and achieve efficiencies through automation and cloud technologies. He is a former CPA, has a background in financial technology, and holds an MBA and BA in Economics from the University of California Berkeley.