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Can I send electronic invoices to my customers?

Manage and Send Invoices with to Get Paid Faster automates your accounts receivable process so you can get paid faster. Once you've entered the invoice information for your customer, will send out an electronic invoice to the recipient through email. The e-invoice includes any additional contracts, paperwork, and documentation you have attached via to ensure your customers have all the information at their fingertips.

If your customer prefers you send invoices by mail, will mail those for you as well with all your supporting documentation included.

Learn more about customer invoices and the Account Receivable product.

Accounting Software Integration

One of the best features about is the seamless integration with leading accounting software: QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, Xero, and Intacct. syncs with your accounting software, and changes will made in either or your accounting software will automatically be reflected in the other system. This saves time by avoiding double entry and eliminates potential entry errors associated with managing dual systems.

Recurring Invoices and Payments

If you have recurring transactions, you can set up to invoice customers automatically on a preset schedule. You can set up the recurring invoice once and forget it.

Better yet, you can set your customers for recurring direct debit from their bank account as well. This ensures you get paid on time, every time. Transactions are done through ACH, which means you will be paid much faster than standard paper-based checks you receive in the mail.

Automatic Reminders and Overdue Notices

When you create invoices through, you can set up automatic reminders and overdue notices that will send out to your customers when an invoice is approaching its due date or overdue. No more micromanaging each invoice to ensure it's been paid. will show you which invoice has been paid at a glance, and send out the appropriate reminders on their scheduled date on your behalf.

Payment Options lets you get paid through whatever method is most convenient for your customers: domestic ACH, international wires in USD or local currency, virtual card, or check. Any way they choose, the payment goes directly into your bank account, eliminating any need to run to the bank to deposit checks.

Customers pay invoices in a secure payment gateway, branded with your logo. They can access historical invoices and documentation, with a messaging tool built within the customer portal so client and vendors can exchange notes.

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