Intacct Users Save Time Automating Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Processes with is a business payments software that is built to integrate seamlessly with Intacct to streamlines your bill approval, bill payment, and accounts receivable processes. 

The Bill Payment Solution

Our cloud-based solution helps you eliminate the hassles of bill approval and bill payment.

Bill Approval:

  • Electronic approvals - routes bills for approval to the right people, and sends an email alert to the recipient that there is a new bill to review and approve.
  • Defined roles - Adjust permission levels so employees only have access to what they need for their specific responsibilities.
  • Access paperwork with one click - Invoices, contracts, and documents can be attached so everything can be reviewed with a single click
  • Access anytime anywhere - Bills can be approved anywhere you have an internet connection. This is perfect for companies that have remote locations or traveling employees.

Bill Payment:

  • Electronic payment - Pay via ACH, EFT, or PayPal. Even if you prefer paper checks, we take care of that for you. No more checks to sign or envelopes to address.
  • Scheduled payment - Schedule your bills to be paid when you want them to.
  • Maintain control - will not pay a bill until you give permission to.

Learn more about the accounts payable automation solution.

Get Paid Electronically to Rake in Your Receivables 2 - 3 times faster

With, you can get paid faster than ever when you use our accounts receivable solution.

  • Get paid electronically - Get paid via ACH, credit card, or PayPal. No more runs to the bank to deposit checks.
  • Branded Customer Portal - A branded portal is provided for your customers as a payment gateway to accept payments. The portal also keeps historical record of past transactions, and allows you and your vendors to exchanges messages to improve collaboration.
  • Recurring Invoices - Set up electronic or paper invoices to be sent automatically so you can set it and forget it.
  • Automatic payment reminders and overdue notices - can alert your customers of upcoming payments, or gently remind them that there is an overdue payment.

Learn more about how automates your accounts receivable process. Data Integration with Intacct

You can leverage the benefits of without opening Intacct. Changes made in will sync over to Intacct, eliminating the need for double entry. 

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