What Businesses Really Think of Client Accounting Services

A survey from Bill.com and CPA.com of more than 1,700 business professionals reveals their unfiltered opinions of client accounting services (CAS) and the accounting firms that offer them.

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Outsourcing accounting can lead to big benefits,
according to businesses.

Many accounting firms may be considering adopting or expanding their CAS practice. This white paper details the results of the Bill.com survey of business professionals, showing the value they place on CAS, how it helps their companies, and why it encourages them to make more referrals for their accountants.

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  • Why business owners have such a positive opinion about CAS and how it affects their relationships with accounting firms.
  • The business opportunities for accounting firms.
  • How companies can get better CAS results.
  • What businesses can gain from using CAS.

The survey data underscores just how important CAS can be to both firms and their business clients, and how it will continue to grow and gain even greater value in the accounting world.

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