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Quickly and easily send digital payments

The BILL platform makes it easy for you to make the transition to ACH payments. Sign up and pay your first bill on the same day, or send your first invoice within minutes. ACH setup means no more cancelled checks or paperwork.

Control your cash flow

Schedule vendor payments to maximize cash in your bank account and minimize processing times. Set up customers on recurring payments or auto pay, so you get paid on time and without effort.

Lower transaction fees

Reduce transaction fees for both payables and receivables and pay with a single flat rate–never a percentage. Avoid the high costs of taking payments with credit cards, or using third-party check companies for payables. BILL customers pay just $0.49 for any ACH transaction.

Pay and get paid faster

ACH payments process faster than checks so you can hold onto your cash longer. The BILL platform can offer additional acceleration and faster funding times for payouts, starting from your very first ACH transaction. After five successful transactions, you can tap into options for Same Day or 24-hour ACH.

Lower risk, better security

ACH payments are proven less susceptible to fraud than credit cards and checks, making them the better option for managing your exposure to risk.

BILL + ACH = time back

BILL automates and streamlines your AP and AR workflows, connecting your payments accounts and moving money remotely. The BILL AI-enabled platform easily syncs with your accounting software and aggregates all your payments into one line item, making reconciliation easy and saving you valuable time.

Starting at $45* per user/month

Designed to fit the needs of your business, at prices that won’t break the bank.

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“Utilizing ACH payments through BILL makes our processes very efficient and most importantly secure.”

Tuomas Laine

“BILL is truly my trusted counterpart. It's my team, my go-to virtual AP person.”

Vilasini Challa
Controller, Tamara Mellon

“It's no fun paying bills. BILL makes it easy.”

David Ostrowe
President, O&M Restaurant Group

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* It’s simple. If you’re not satisfied and decide not to continue using BILL after your trial, we’ll waive your subscription fee for the trial month. Transaction fees for Pay By Card still apply.